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10 easy-to-use Web Apps and Tools

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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There are many little hassles (hopefully not big ones!) while building a website and specially when you have to test it.

Here we show a collection of useful tools that may help you fix quickly your doubts and worries!

There are many little hassles (hopefully not big ones!) while building a website and specially when you have to test it.

Here we show a collection of useful tools that may help you fix quickly your doubts and worries!

Subtle Patterns

web courses bangkok web app tools

Your website background should be elegant but subtle, and do not bother at all the reader view or experience while browsing pages. This could sound obvious but it’s not always that immediate to understand, an appropriate colour scheme is also paramount. Take your time to choose the most suitable for your website and don’t rush. Good things, need time.

Icon Finder

web courses bangkok web app tools

There are many icon finder websites and tools but sometimes it’s helpful to browse categories if you don’t know exactly what are you looking for, some other times, with clearer ideas, it’s better to just put some specific keywords and get quickly and easily some quality icons to move to the next step.

The Noun Project

web courses bangkok web app tools

“Fancy glossy icons are overrated!” I guess it’s not totally true, sometimes, many actually, we are still amazed from some perfectly and neatly designed icon packages, but colours and shadows are not always needed. Sometimes it’s just about stylised, one-solid colour icons, you just need to show a clear idea, link, area of your website or whatever you may need. That’s why this website differs from the previous one.

What Font Tool

web courses bangkok app tools

There are several similar tools to detect a font in a webpage or even document, some go really close, some others less. We found this one to be pretty accurate, maybe we were lucky, give it a try!

HTML5 Please

web courses bangkok app tools

Web is changing faster day by day, but the new standard is undoubtedly HTML5 and CSS3, this website is a pretty exhaustive guide to quickly start using the most cool features and adds of this new era of coding and designing. Strongly suggested!


web courses bangkok app tools

You don’t want your website’s users to waste precious time while waiting for your images to load? Photoshop could definitely help resizing, finding the best resolution, format and more for your images. But what if you’re not into Photoshop and you just want easily to keep your Jpeg image quality? This web-tool could be a reliable friend, quick and effective!

Pingdom Tools

web courses bangkok web tools app

Harder to describe than to actually use it. We’re talking about the same issue as before: time. How long does it take to your page to load for an average user? That’s a really important matter and many key factors affect it. Here you have a reliable test tool.


web courses bangkok web app tool

Even here, the title explains the purpose pretty well, many times you have to place and image that you still don’t have or It’s not the right timing to look for the best ones, It will be a following step. You could look for similar images, cropping, resizing etc or you could just add a clear place-holder that will even remember you visually the size without having to inspect it at a later time.

Responsive Design Bookmarklet

web courses bangkok app tool

Responsive is the future? Could be, could be not. We believe it is and we’re putting a lot of effort in it. Developing and designing it it’s not that easy, many generic tests and browsers should support it. With this tool you could test it in different platforms just dragging the bookmarklet of the targeted website.

Mobile Patterns

web courses bangkok web tool app

If responsive may have an uncertain future, mobile platforms will have a bright one! This website collect tons of inspiring ideas for mobile patterns, mostly focused on smartphones but some ideas could be used for tablets as well. It’s divided into smart categories to get to what you want in a few clicks. Worth a creative look!

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