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10 Stunning Product Videos

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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This week we decided to round up and review a couple of high production videos out there.

Banner video reviews WCB

This week we decided to round up and review a couple of high production videos out there. Here were some of our essential questions:

  • Did we enjoy watching them?
  • Did we want them to be over quick?
  • Were we aware of what was being advertised?
  • Did they make us want to know more?

Let’s find out!

Google fiber

Win! Well made, cute, and made us want to know more about the product!

The Future


One of those inspirational, live-your-life type of videos. Well made but the product is unknown until the very end and, even then, not very clear.



Very informative! And very straight to the point!



Introducing an app in a different way from the previous video, but still making the purpose and how to use clear.



A short introduction on how to navigate the new feature on their website. Looks useful and nice looking website!



We get the picture straight away, ends up being a bit too long. And made me want to go out and by a notebook instead of downloading the app, but maybe that’s just me.



Short and simple. Interesting app!


Didn’t really understand how the app works or what the point of the video is supposed to be.

Winning the story wars


Long, although a nice and interesting video! Is it a commercial though? Made me want to go see the website.

Back to the Start

Win! Well made, clear message, easy to watch and the song makes a lot of sense!
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Teresa & CvdH


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