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20 Chrome Extensions To Keep You Focused

Author: WC.Bear
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Let’s talk about 20 Chrome Extensions that you can upload which will help you stay focused on your priorities.

1.Google Dictionary

This is a great app that lets you look up words as you read.

No more switching back and forth on tabs trying to find out meanings of words. Google Dictionary is a great app for anyone!  

Google dictionary

2. Muzli

Muzli is a Chrome extension that provides quick access to all that’s hot, new and simply awesome stuff in the Inspiration design & tech scene.

This amazing extensions provides you with great industry news and is a great way to read the latest trends.

Muzli mainly focuses on Web Design and Development, so if you are a designer or a developer Muzli is a great tool.



3. Nimbus

Nimbus Screenshot is a great tool for users everywhere. The extension lets you take quick and easy screengrabs.

As with Chrome Remote Desktop, Nimbus can be a great tool for communicating with colleagues or showing someone exactly what you’re looking at when words just don’t cut it.

Nimbus chrome extension

4. AdBLock

AdBlock may be the most popular Google Chrome extension out there. The extension removes the annoyance of banner advertisements from your web experience.

That may seem like a slight difference, but visiting some sites that tend to be bogged down with such ads can really improve your experience. AdBlock also works with Safari, Opera, and Firefox if you don’t have Chrome.




Pocket  is an easy way to put things aside when you’ve got work to do.

If you come across an article or website that is too long for you to look into — but you’re still interested — hit the Pocket extension and that article/website will end up in your Pocket queue.

All you need is the free app to access the content on your schedule. Pocket is a fantastic bookmarking service.


It’s useful when you’re distracted by online content in the middle of work. Just save the Web page with the one-click Save to Pocket Chrome extension.

Use the toolbar button, a keyboard shortcut, or the context menu for quick bookmarking. Add tags to make your bookmarks easy to search later.

The pages appear in your Pocket account, which gets synced across all your devices.


6. Papier

Papier is a simple note-taking tool, you can install the extension and open a new tab, and voilà, instant notepad. All you see is a blank page ready to accept your notes and grand ideas, in bright white or a more pleasing night mode.

Papier also offers basic rich text formatting that you can enable with keyboard shortcuts and carry over to Web-based text editors.



Papier is great at getting out of the way to let you put your ideas on a page, it is useful for when you need to brainstorm, quickly jot down something.

7. Jot

Jot is at once a simple and beautiful replacement for your new tab page.

It displays a lovely new background image every time you open a tab and lets you list your most important to-dos or short notes for the day in a large, legible font. To retrieve them, all you need to do is launch a fresh tab.


If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of advanced task management extensions, Jot is a great choice that looks better than the rest.  



Momentum is a great extension if you are looking to stay inspired, focused, and productive.

The new tab is very clean and provides you widgets like the local weather, big clock, a to-do list and a customizable shortcut menu of links on the left side, above a beautiful background image that changes every so often.


All the elements in the interface can be tweaked to your liking. What’s especially neat is the ‘focus’ widget, which sits front and center, and displays your main goal for the day.


9. Todoist

Todoist is an extension that puts a powerful task list in your browser toolbar and offers a ton of features in a small space.

For starters, you can simply type to add a task or turn the active tab into an item on your list.

It also lets you set a priority and enter a due date or recurring date for each to-do. Plus, it displays your schedule spanning the next seven days in a beautiful interface.



In addition, Todoist pairs with a ton of apps through Zapier to do things like adding your tasks to Google Calendar and creating to-do items from starred messages in Slack.

The only downside to picking Todoist is that certain essential features like tasks reminders and comments require a subscription, which will set you back by $29 a year. Still, it’s not a bad deal for an app that syncs across devices and offers plenty more features for its asking price.


10. StayFocusd

With Stay Focusd you can get online distractions out of your system by indulging in them for a bit.

Put sites like Facebook and Twitter on the extension’s Blocked Sites list.


If you spend more than a certain duration of time on any of the sites on this list, StayFocusd will block your access to all of them for the rest of the day.

You have the option of setting up the days and hours when you need StayFocusd to be active.


11. OneTab

If your work depends on Web-based tools and information, you’re likely to have a crazy number of tabs open when you’re working. But those tabs turn into one big memory drain.

One Tab

A simple way to ease tab clutter and save on memory is by using OneTab.

Any time you click on the OneTab icon, it organizes all your open tabs into a list. You can then recall tabs as and when you need them.


12. Limitless

Limitless turns the New Tab page into a powerful dashboard.

To-do list feature? Check.

Tracking for websites? Check.

Setting up reminders and countdowns? Check.

Bookmarks? Check.

Encouraging quotes? Check.

If you had to install just one extension from this list to boost your productivity, we recommend Limitless.




13. Evernote Web Clipper

The Evernote Web Clipper  is the ideal companion to the Evernote mobile app and desktop application.

Simply press on the icon in your Chrome browser menu to quickly and easily save web content straight into your Evernote notebooks across your devices.



Clip full articles or web pages, or save more optimised, distraction-free versions. This powerful extension also lets you take screenshots, save as PDF, and mark up content and images.


14. Google Cast

The google cast>Google Cast extension for Chromecast means you can mirror your computer screen on a television if it has a Chromecast HDMI stick attached.

Ideal for showing presentations or viewing rich media in its full glory.


15. Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline allows you to continue using Gmail even when you don’t have an internet connection. When you connect again, the emails you compose will get sent off just like they would in a desktop app.

Gmail’s a great web app, but the problem is that it only works when you’re online.

Gmail offline

Gmail Offline allows you to continue using Gmail even when you don’t have an internet connection. When you connect again, the emails you compose will get sent off just like they would in a desktop app.



Pushbullet makes it easy to bridge the gap between your desktop and mobile OSes.

You can push text, links, files, maps and more from your computer directly to your phone or tablet.

Push bullet

You can also push data from your phone to your Chrome browser, and Pushbullet makes use of Chrome’s great notification system.


17. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is one of the simplest ways to make browsing the web more secure, and HTTPS Everywhere is an extension that makes it so you don’t even have to think about it.

HTTPS everywhere

With it, you’ll always visit the encrypted, secure version of a site whenever you type in the URL.



Disconnect’s main purpose is simple: it blocks third-party tracking cookies.

This means Disconnect blocks advertisers and social networks from tracking your browsing habits.




On top of that, Disconnect has all kinds of tricks up its sleeves, including the ability to block people from hacking into your personal information.

Even better, Disconnects new privacy icons make it even easier to tell if a site’s legit.


19. Instapaper

Instapaper is a simple tool for saving web pages to read later on your iPhone, iPad, Android, computer, or Kindle.

This browser extension may be used in place of the bookmarklet to save articles directly into your Instapaper queue.


It works by saving the current tab to your Instapaper account . Users who aren’t logged in will be taken to a login or signup page, after completing the process they will be redirected back to the original page with the original page saved in their queue.


20. Grammarly

Publishing a post with a spelling mistake is a social media nightmare for social media managers—and rightly so.

While the occasional error happens to everyone from time to time, consistent mistakes can damage your brand’s credibility.

Grammarly can help catch them all, including the mistakes that manage to evade the usual red squiggly line: an incorrect verb tense, a missing article before a plural noun, or the misuse of a comma.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

The grammarly extension can catch over 250 types of errors, many of which aren’t typically caught by spell checkers.

Along with catching your mistakes, Grammarly can actually help you write better overall, by offering synonym suggestions in line with the context of what you’re writing.

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