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9FilmFest Learning about Google Analytics, Flickr and Facebook Connect

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Welcome back! We feel excited about learning more web design and developing 9FilmFest’s website with Web Courses Bangkok.

As more and more digital content goes online, websites have become an indispensable element of information, and designing these websites involves both technical tools and administrative decision-making.

At Web Courses Bangkok class, we were introduced to Google Analytics which is used to track visitor’s behaviors and identify the incentives behind their information-seeking.  It is one of effective methods to figure out what our visitors are looking for on our website.  The visually reports provided demographic information on where visitors came from, what pages they visited, how long they stayed on each page, how deep into the site they navigated, where their visits ended, where they went from they, and so on.  By analyzing the data, we can make changes to our website.  Not only that, we can compare web usage data from before and after the changes to our website concluding that our website was improved in a number of ways.

The goal of learning about this incredible tool is to use Google Analytics to improve the design and content of 9FilmFest’s main website to better fit our visitors’ needs.  Our primary objectives are:

  • To track the usage of the main website
  • To track visitors’ behaviors
  • To determine the efficiency of the website’s menu system
  • To make suggestions for improving user experiences
  • To establish the most effective way for redesigning the website

Using Google Analytics is real easy.  Anyone with a Google account can use it. Once an account holder signs up for Analytics, Google sends an email for confirmation and provides code to insert into each webpage to be tracked.  The code has to be inserted right before the </body> line in the HTML code of each page to be analyzed.  Tracking code has to be inserted in each and every page to be tracked.

We also added the galleries section that is actually managed through Flikr! So we can share all our pictures both socially online and through our web site.

As 9FilmFest is developed by using WordPress Theme, we can directly install a plug-in to the website which we will learn more about it later with Carl.  We have decided to deploy Google Analytics in our website to track visitors and find ways to improve their experience in the website. Meanwhile, we will continue to explore Google Analytics’ many features.

Thank you Finn

It has been fantastic to work with Finn how has since left the 9FilmFest and as an update WCB no longer deals with 9FIlmFest or the original owner Brain.

We wish Finn all the best for the future!

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