About Web Courses’s community work

Our greatest work has been to help both individuals and our community

We believe in helping when you can. WCB has been so lucky to work with some amazing organisations improving the lives of dying children, education girls in the Himalayan mountains or giving vocational skills to individuals with learning differences in Bangkok.
Our focus is to help other organisations who believe that education builds a brighter future.

Altevette School for Girls
Image ref: www.altevetteproject.org
Camillian Care Home does some fantastic work and was our first CSR project.
Altevette Project logo

Altevette School for Girls

The school provides accommodation and education to girls from impoverished families living in the remote highlands of Upper Mustang on the border with Tibet and of nearby Buddhist Himalayan regions.

Our academy and agency have been supporting the school by providing training and a website to help raise awareness of their amazing work as we truly believe in inclusive education for all.

Camillian Care Home
Image ref: www.camillianhomelatkrabang.org
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Camillian Care Home

The Home was founded by Father Giovanni Contarin, an Italian Priest who has done extensive work for the poor in Thailand since 1987. We work with children who are living with disabilities, some of whom have been orphaned or abandoned, and some of whom are also living with HIV/AIDS.

We have supported the home with their branding, website and staff training for over 10 years.

making coffee
Image ref: www.stepswiththeera.com
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Steps With Theera

Steps has a passionate team of specialists, therapists and trainees. They run vocational training centres and coffee shops in Bangkok and Phuket for young adults (some who have learning differences), to gain the skills they need to access a fulfilling career.

Our Academy provided training to help one of their students become a web developer and one of our own students re-designed their site.

What is the Web Courses Group and who’s involved?

Web Courses is always growing. We started back in 2008 and since then we have helped many wonderful charities, our trainees have gone on to create amzing work and now we are expanding our online training team. So there is a lot going on! Find out more:

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Web Courses Computer and Design School

The origins of Web Courses and our parent company holding our MOE accreditation.

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Web Courses Design Agency

TTA cares about business and the world they design for. Focusing on the sustainability sector.

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H+H Senior Design Consultancy

A new digital consultancy, busy designing beautiful products, and experiences.