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An Interview with Digital recruitment specialist from S2M – Matt Chambers

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Getting the knowledge needed to become a web designer is one thing, but what happens after that when you want to get out into the real world and get that awesome position, Matt Chambers offers some fantastic advice.

Once you have got your skills, and have your portfolio ready, what do you need to do to land that perfect position?

Matt Chambers a digital recruitment special tells us what it takes to stand out from the rest when your looking for the perfect job.

Please tell us a little about yourself

I’m a 25 year old British ex-pat who has spent the past 5 years working in the executive recruitment industry. My background is in technical IT recruitment and more recently sales & marketing with a media & advertising specific skew. I’ve worked in the UK, Middle East & now Australia

Do you think its a good time for people to be entering the digital industry?

Absolutely. It’s the fastest and most dynamic industry in the world and dictates the way modern business is done

Where do you think the main growth areas are?

E-Commerce is an obvious growth area within Australia. On a more global scale, the continued use and expansion of social media is a key area of interest for both small & large businesses.

Do you think that a portfolio of work speaks better than certificates and education?

Yes. Outside of the more ‘traditional’ professional industries (law, medicine, engineering etc..) education has taken a back seat to hard skills, experience and actual practical knowledge

What is the key to a good, stand out resume?

A clear and simple format. Consistency in it’s appearance (don’t use different fonts & colours for example) and ensuring you deliver and clear a succinct message – you are effectively marketing yourself and you need to treat it as such

Do you think that employers look at social networks like linkedin before selecting a candidate?

In the digital industry yes. You need to be aware that if working in the digital / online world, your ‘footprint’ is going to be visible to potential employers. Whilst I don’t agree that employers should be snooping on potential staff via their personal social networks and related activity – it is inevitably going to happen and is something you should be careful with

Should a job seeker have an online presence?

Yes. Without question

What should a job seeker keep in mind before publishing their thoughts online?

Who might be listening and what kind of message your ‘thoughts’ give about you.

Do you have any tips for a job seeker when entering an interview with a potential employer

I’ve attached a document that should help any jobseeker handle the basics of interview. How to improve your Performance at job Interviews

What advice can you give our students when looking for the perfect job?

Think carefully about what you want from a job, and then try to understand the roadmap of how to achieve those goals.

Web Courses Bangkok would like to thank Matt Chambers for taking the time to talk to us and we look forward to having him place our students in the future.

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