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An interview with independent IT security specialist and web designer – Bjorn Persson

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Web Courses Bangkok presents another interview with designer Bjorn Persson. He talks about his past work and experiences and give some very valuable advice to everyone looking to become a designer.

Name: Bjorn Persson
Company: Securisense.com
Job Title: Independent IT Security specialist
Nationality: Swedish
Age: 37
Skill set: Information Security and Web Design

How long have you been a web designer?

I have dabbled with web sites for over a decade now, not being much of a designer, I usually take the role of planning and managing web development projects, ensuring that the purpose and objective of a site is met, and not fizzle out into a bland template site.

About how many sites have you made?

I have been involved in 50+ web development projects
as part of a team, on my own I have perhaps made 15 sites.

What made you want to be a web designer?

For me it has been more of a need than a desire, I prefer to rely on skilled and knowledgeable designer rather than trusting my own design skills.

I dislike falling back to using template sites like template monster, because the result will always be like an airplane meal, something edible but pleases no one.

What was the first web site you made?

My own personal site with the objective of finding an employer. It worked.

What would be the ideal web project for you?

one that made me rich!

What projects are you currently working on?


What is best part of being a web designer?

The praise for a well done project, and the payment of course.

Tell us about your best as experience as a web designer?

Making an instant sale on a site that just got launched.

Tell us about your worst as experience as a web designer?

Finishing the site for a client and not getting paid.

What are the most important things to learn to be a good web designer?

Often educating the client about the purpose of having a website, Understanding the actual need of a client to have the website, Planning, communicating with the client, more planning, communicating with the client again, understanding the prospective website visitors needs.

Putting together a website is easy if you have no targets to meet or no purpose to fulfill; putting together a GOOD website that works for both the client and the visitors requires a good portion of curiosity, common sense and dedication.

Thus you will have to understand the needs of the client and their website visitors, put yourself in their situation and try to think of what they are looking for.

Taking the role as a website visitor, you should think about the purpose of your visit to the site, are you a returning customer? Is it your first visit? Did you know about the company before? Are you looking for something specific or just want an introduction?

What advise would you give to our Web Courses Bangkok students?

Choose your clients, prepare a good Web Design Brief questionnaire to give to them, help them understand their needs. Set yourself performance goals in each project. Make sure that the contact person you work with for a client is in a position to make the right decisions.

Web Courses Bangkok would like to thank Bjorn for taking the time to chat with us!

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