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Getting Started With App Development

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Are you thinking about getting started with mobile App development? It could be a gold-mine of creativity and opportunities, or a second-job/hobby thing. Whatever is the reason that pushed you to look for some info about It below you could find some basic tips & tricks to enter this parallel world, you may not be just an avid App User anymore but the one who create them while understanding what’s under the hood.

app development


The first basic thing that one has to know is If you want a generic Web App or a specific OS app for Android, iOs or Windows Phone 7.
Web Apps were born almost together with the mobile counterpart but you cannot expect much on performance from them, they are considered “universal”, you could use them in every different modern platform that has an internet connection but they lack of stability, you have to face lots of compromises and It always depends on your aim. They get the job done but nowadays people are looking for fast and reliable apps, they want them to work seamlessly and most of the time they want them to be visually appealing.

app development

If you’re really into Web Apps one of the most common solutions is the Phone Gap + jQuery Mobile + Dreamweaver package but, as mentioned before, I won’t advise It. Thanks to the always improving SDK (Software Development Kit) offered from the main mobile Os makers, It will give you the opportunity to have a modern and up-to-date app instead of a so-and-so choppy one.
If You already know what are you looking for you also have the potential to make a great App, let’s check the tools that you may need to get It done!

Have you already got an idea of your App target? Consumer discovery, how to get your app to the “masses”, who’s interested, search optimization etc, you may want to check MobileDevHQ
app development
Let’s have a look around the most diffused platforms on the market:

App Development – Android Style Guide

If you’re creating an app for Android, this developer style guide will answer any questions you may have about app development, from wire-framing to tracking progress after your app goes to market.
Below you could find a few useful links from official and unofficial guidelines about Google platform developer world and a forum where many developing-savvy guys are going to help you sort out any kind of issue.

App Development – iOS Style Guide

If you’re planning to land your app on iOS, Apple also offers a set of guides available for you to have a first hand impression and decide if It suits you. Some more interesting links to follow:

App Development – Windows Phone 7 Style Guide

Are you thinking to go for the newest and more UI breakthrough OS of the party? It’s the one from Microsoft that is planning to be the first company to merge mobile and desktop Operative Systems with the approaching and awaited Windows 8:

Once you’re done with Designing and Programming:

Beta Family

Testing is one of the last and most delicate step of the process, you really want it to be executed by a professional to avoid bad surprises once you decide to drop the Beta label, this social network-like website helps you find the most suitable person for your testing.


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You’re probably hoping that you will never need a testing tool like this one, but nobody is perfect, neither are the Apps. that’s why you could need this crash and error reporting, every mistake is just going to improve your future apps till the “almost perfect” one.

Stack Overflow

web courses bangkok app develop
Stuck at the first step? Could It be also the second or the fifth one but It’s never too late or laking of proudness to ask for help to somebody who has more experience than you. This lively forum is populated by developers, beginners, junior senior and sometimes ever real Masters of the field. You’re going to find an answer for everything (Developing related of course!)

Are you interested in App Developing?

Let Us know If you’re willing to learn how to do It and which platform do you think are the best, we’ve many new courses coming soon!

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