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April Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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As a company that believes in empowering others to grow their ideas, we love how great ideas have grown into nifty tools, and that’s why it’s so important to broadcast good deeds done. In case you have missed our inaugural list, you can check it out here. Now keep scrolling to check out our list of best apps for productivity.


What started out as a hearty effort to give away free images on a Tumblr blog has transformed into one of the fastest growing photography sites in the world. With more than 40,000 contributors in this community, and more than 600 million photos viewed monthly on Unsplash, you can easily find amazingly good photos to use for any creative work imaginable. Users have the rights to use and modify the images found on Unsplash in a “do whatever you want” way – delivering a powerful slap across the faces of all those expensive stock photography sites out there. If you are looking for photos to populate your website or enhance a written blog post, pay a visit to Unsplash, and you won’t ever regret it!

best apps for productivity

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Website Grader

Whether you are a website developer, online marketer, or startup entrepreneur, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone tell you how good your website (or any website for that matter) is? With Hubspot’s Website Grader, your wish just came true! Besides delivering a test report on the website you are checking, this tool lets you know the areas you have to improve on, and show you the different components that can make your website function better.

As you probably know, a better functioning website is able to get lots of extra benefits such as ranking better in search engines, profitable traffic conversions, and more. Especially for those new to web design and development, there are helpful signal posts on your test report to provide further reading on why and how you can improve a weaker website component. Check it out for yourself today!

best apps for productivity

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Primer 2.0 by Google

Looking for an easy and fast way to learn marketing skills? Well, looks like Google has you covered! With heaps of mini-marketing lessons, case studies, and quizzes to blow your mind, you can take a no-jargon lesson from Primer whenever you have 5 minutes on your hands. And that’s why this is on our list for the best apps for productivity. Whether it’s content marketing, advertising or marketing strategy, you can become more knowledgeable, and gain new skill sets to bolster your marketing career development.

best apps for productivity

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Marketing Stack

Marketing Stack is on the list of best apps for productivity because it takes a leaf out of popular curated directories such as Startup Stash and Makerbook to help those working in the marketing niche perform better in an easy way. Whether you are a traditional marketer or an online marketer, you will find this curated directory brimming with key marketing resources and tools that you can apply to your work. Each category has a maximum of 10 mentions, and there are 28 categories for you to explore. Get to work now!

best apps for productivity

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Pablo by Buffer

If you are working in the online marketing niche, you should get introduced to Pablo by Buffer because it is one of the best apps for productivity and can take your social media marketing efforts up a notch! There are millions of Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts, and more being posted to social media platforms each day. To stand out from the competition, and help your brand receive better focused attention, using customized images that people want to see and share can revolutionize how you fight your social media marketing battle. Pablo is simple to use so why not give it a go?

best apps for productivity

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At its essence, Siftery aims to be a beacon of light for those who hate to look through a sea of workplace-related software tools for their ultimate gem. Finding the right software tool can aid your work, and picking the right solution for your company will make you look like a rock star! With this smart tool, you get to know what software tools popular brands are using, and you get to share your workplace software culture to benefit others too. It’s a win-win situation with Siftery!

best apps for productivity

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Startup Launch List

Many of our students here at Web Courses Bangkok are aspiring to grow their own startups, and that’s why we are always happy to share potent tools to empower startups. With Startup Launch List, we are keeping the torch alive! One of the best ways to launch a business is to listen to poignant advice from the greater business world. Startup Launch List, one of our best apps for productivity, effectively lets you create an impactful reading list before you launch a business. Simple, helpful, and smart – we recommend that all aspiring entrepreneurs create their own list, and find their muse here!

best apps for productivity

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If you want to build a one-page site, whether it’s a landing page or you just want to use it as an online business card, Carrd takes all the hassle out of web design. It’s really fast and intuitive to use, and there’s no steep learning curve involved at all. What’s more, you can host your site for free with Carrd. All thrills, no frills – that’s what we’re talking about!

best apps for productivity

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Who doesn’t love freebies? Well, let me rephrase that. Who doesn’t love lots of freebies? We certainly love free tools that can be used to improve productivity, and that’s why we think you should check out Freebie.Supply which holds more than 400 resources to help you build a business today. Get your supply of freebies today, and boost your startup building journey!

best apps for productivity

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Stock Up

Since we started with a photography site, it’s appropriate that we end the list with another photography site. The difference that Stock Up brings to the table from Unsplash is that instead of letting you search for user-contributed images on a website, Stock Up lets you search across 21 popular free stock sites for images labeled Creative Commons. We know how photography copyrights can make your online work challenging, and that’s why tools like Stock Up help you triumph in these situations.

best apps for productivity

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Best Apps For Productivity

That’s 10 tools right above for you to explore in our April roundup, and we hope you love our efforts to share useful tools to ease the different challenges you face in your daily work. If you are involved in creative work such as web design or website development or perhaps you are launching a new startup, remember to give us some love, and help us share this useful post to like-minded peers. Also, do follow our blog, and get to discover more awesome tech tools in our May roundup next!

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