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Best CRM for Web Agencies

Author: WC.Bear
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best crm for agencies
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What is the best CRM for designers?

A lot of designers keep on asking, “What is the best CRM to use?”  Many have yet to find the answer, but today we will share the best CRM for designers like you. Also, you will learn the real trick behind choosing the best CRM in order to achieve long-term success.


This is one of the best CRM for designers because of the immersive user CRM experience that it has to offer. Compared to other CRM software out there, this one is more commendable because of its innovative, engaging and intuitive features. This individualized and fully transformed CRM tool adheres to the nuts and bolts of optimization which includes mobility, upfront simplicity, and even the social aspect of customer app.
best crm for designers

With SugarCRM, your business is able to gain comprehensive CRM experience along with streamlined price with no additional or hidden fees. Plus, there are also no forced upgrades. You can obtain an industry-leading CRM experience at an affordable price that will surely enable you to place this tool in the hands of all employees who deal with customers.


One of the best CRM for designers and small businesses.  Pros are it has google and email integration and also has mobile access via both iOS and Android.  There is also great integration with Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Googledrive.  An easy to use projects tab allows users to create Milestones, Pipelines and Tasks for projects. It enables easy coordinates between contacts, opportunities and tasks. There are also many helpful filtering features. Insightly comes with many different versions to buy including a free one for up to 2 users.

Cons are it lacks backup system and customization.  It’s biggest downfall is it can be a bit slow when processing large amounts of data.

best crm for designers


CiviCRM for Joomla

We know Joomla is not the most popular choice of CMS but it does have a cool CRM. If you are looking for a highly responsive CRM tool for Joomla, CiviCRM has you covered. It is a community based open source product primarily targeted to the non-profit and public sectors. The sheer power of this CRM tool gives you the capability of managing the contacts of your organization and improve the connection between your constituents and your CMS. This CRM tool provides a number of applications such as contact management. The best part here is that this tool is not Joomla specific. Meaning to say, you can also use it for Drupal and WordPress.best crm for designers

HighRise CRM

This is a powerful customer relationship management tool that helps you stay organized all the time. It is known as a very intuitive solution that allows you to seamlessly export and import contacts. Aside from that, it is also effective when it comes to creating customizable fields for companies and contacts. It is also a cost-efficient CRM solution.best crm for designers


If your powerhouse lacks organization and you cannot afford to have costly CRM software, Dolibarr might be the best option for you. It comes with great features such as stock management, contacts directory, commercial actions management, product catalog and much more.best crm for designers


This is the best CRM for designers in the sales industry. Pipedrive is built for salespeople who normally have to put in serious effort to turn leads into sales. Pipedrive is very streamlined and helps to organize work and spend less time and effort on admin. It allows a clear overview of your sales pipeline.  It also has great features such as sales forecasting. If you want to close deals anytime, your Android and IOS helper works well with your pipeline where-ever you are. It comes with multiple languages as well as currency support. It is also integrated to Google Maps. Clients say it’s super easy to setup and use.best crm for designers
best crm for designers


This is a very customizable solution that allows you to deal with your business with great precision.  One of it’s unique features is it’s innovative lead management system. Some may find the volume of features overwhelming. It’s target is large companies at a higher price point. The openness of this app as well as its capability to carry out customer development on the tool enables you to take your business to a new heights.

best crm for designers


If you want to handle all your customer relationships in the most elegant way, you should consider UkuuPeople. It is one of the easiest plugin tools to use for WordPress. This is the best CRM for designers because it seamlessly consolidates all your contact interaction as well as contact data collection software together in order to build an authoritative master list of all contacts.best crm for designers

So, how can UkuuPeople help you?  There are four main elements to the functionality of UkuuPeople. These are the following:

  1. Touchpoints. The function of this feature is to track all the customer interaction of your business.
  2. Tribes.  It segments the customer according to the groups that are significant to you.
  3. Integrations. It optimizes human integration thus it extends the awesome.
  4. Dashlets. This element is what you need if you need much quicker ways to interact with the data of CRM.

What sets UkuuPeople apart from others?
There are many reasons why this product is a considerable investment for your business. Not only does it handle customer relationship but it also tracks it with the help of Touchpoints. It also attaches your files into the Touchpoints records.

If you don’t want to experience hair yanking hassles in viewing your upcoming schedule as well as your favourite contact, the presence of Dashlets is a great idea for you. It is also very helpful when it comes to scheduling tasks and meetings and then assign them to the members of the team in the most effective and efficient manner.  You can also count on its efficiency in terms of automatic collection of data and sharing of relationship data with the whole team. These and more benefits are good reasons why you might choose UkuuPeople as the best CRM for designers tool for you.


Whether you are managing an enterprise or you are a small business owner, Zoho CRM has both versions you. This CRM tool is geared toward any business with a significant focus on customer relationship management.  Sales organizations are then the primary beneficiaries of Zoho CRM.  So, what are the key features of Zoho that make it one of the best CRM for designers in the digital market?best crm for designers

It has highly customized sales force automation and marketing automation and it also refines customer support and service, inventory management, CRM analytics, workflow management and much more. Zoho will help you to experience efficient integration between pre-sale and post-sale activities.


ProsperWorks CRM helps you manage sales contacts and opportunities. ProsperWorks integrates with the Google Apps you use everyday for an easy workflow. Zero-input, automatic systems eliminate most data entry, allowing you to focus on what you do best: closing more deals. Users say it’s super easy to use and does away with the need for a systems administrator. It allows transparency across a team. Great for analysis.  Cons – its a bit pricey.  Read below for very personal analysis straight from our founder, Carl Heaton of WCB.best crm for designers

Best CRM for Designers – So which do we use at our agency and school?

After many months of research, of which we put into this article, we choose Prosperworks.

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Well we started listing what we wanted from a CRM which narrowed the possibilities down:

  • Got to look nice (as a school teaching UI design we wanted something we respected and enjoyed looking at every day)
  • Integrates with Google Apps (as the core service to our school, it was important that the CRM was friendlier than 2 lovers on a first date with Google Apps)
  • Sales pipeline visualisation (one of those features that we didn’t expect to want. When we saw it our booking team lit up as it was very easy for them to visualise how people progressed and made sure we we followed up with the right people)
  • Custom fields (everyone’s company customer are special, but our’s are extra special and fit into many categories so we needed the ability to categorise them to what we had been using for years so there was not such a complete reboot for the booking team to move over to the CRM)
  • Good service (one of the team from Prosperworks stayed up until 11pm his time to Skype the director and I to go over everything. They were super nice and this really impressed me. Not to mention the 22 emails of questions)

Are we happy with the CRM?

Yes and No

No – because I am the only one using it! Yup, the project manager and I just kept to our normal customer management methods of emails and dropbox. The booking team add customers to the system but we never utilise any of the other services to do follow up, sales, I’ve never done one report or moved someone through the sales pipeline. In short I have wasted a lot of money to be very very honest.


The goal was to do a big shift in how we did things. I thought, arrogantly, that the administration team needed some help, that we needed a slicker, faster, shiny bells and whistles way of managing our customers but….we don’t, not yet. Our team put everything in Excel through Google Docs and it works fine for them. Me getting involved and wanting to help with the sales process actually slowed things down.

Yes – the system works as it should, very useful for me personally. I feel like all our enquires are safe and something we can revisit properly when our booking team needs sales people and we have a bigger team. Right now we jumped into a CRM too early so make sure you don’t also do the same.

How to choose the right CRM software

Going back to the question, “What is the best CRM”?  The answer is not in the tool, but it’s on you. While the CRM tools discussed in this write-up might be your best choice, it completely depends on your needs as well as how you optimize the functionality in order to come up with a desirable output. Know if you will use it for marketing, sales or customer service.  For instance, Zoho is great for marketing.

The following pointers will help to choose which CRM is right for you:

CRM selection should start by assessing the customers. By means of reviewing customer base and at the same time assessing their needs and expectations. You are not only building customer loyalty but you are also boosting referrals. It is very crucial to poll customers.  If you carefully assess your customer, you’ll be able to get the best software for you. If you do not make the effort to take a double leap of assessment and you just watch customer trends on your website, chances are you will end up with an inaccurate result.  The selection of CRM is then not based on the actual needs and expectations of your customers.

In addition, you should also break off from the common pitfall which is to believe that a one-dimensional measurement is enough. You should always keep in mind the criticality of customer segmentation. Also, you have to keep in mind that it is advisable to measure the behaviours of your customers from more than one angle.

So, here’s the catch. Know your customer. Never Guess. Never Assume. Make sure it’s the right time.

There you have it – the right choice of CRM tool is already at hand. Now it’s up on you to get the most out of it.

best crm for designers

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