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10 Fitness Websites To Inspire You

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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For web designers, one of the best ways of coming up with creative works of brilliance is to learn from the best and worst website designs that are on the Internet.

This is also a golden piece of advice your web design instructor will tell you when you are just a beginner learning tricks of the trade in a web design course.. Like many things in life, you can learn from both sides of the equation so that you can pinpoint on what works and what you should avoid. In this post, we will focus on ten of the best fitness websites that can hopefully inspire your own web design endeavors.

The criteria for making this list for best fitness websites include ticks in areas such as layout, typography, usability, overall impact, and more. Let’s get introduced to these energized sites, shall we?

Phive Health & Fitness Centers

Top Design Features:
Flat design | Parallax | Photography | Minimal |SVG | Animated | Responsive | Sound/Videobest fitness websites
Voted SOTD at CSS Winner, Awwwards, and a whole lot of other places, Phive is a website built to showcase its two health & fitness centers in Portugal as well as their personal trainers and gym activities.

The concept is trendy, and the design flows well throughout the site with sound effects and fun loading animations totally on fleek. Site visitors will find the user experience to be interactive and scrolling through the site certainly makes you feel motivated to hit the gym and is one of the reasons this is first on our list of best fitness websites.

Amenzone Canada

Top Design Features:
Responsive | Fullscreen | Photography | Minimal | Sound/Video | Portfoliobest fitness websites
Using a simple color palette combination of black, red, and white, Amenzone Canada succeeds in delivering the message across with a clean and minimal look – this website promotes a back-to-basics training space and program.

Content is presented in a great layout and users can easily navigate section to section without losing track. Just like Phive, Amenzone Canada is also voted SOTD at many popular CSS website design inspirational galleries.

Amir Khan World

Top Design Features:
Minimal | Photography | Typography | Portfolio | Single Pagebest fitness websites
Amir Khan is a pro boxer who is using his personal website to build his brand. What we really love about this website is the minimalistic approach with complementing bold typography. It’s one of the moments where less is certainly more.

The use of quality photography on Amir Khan World is another factor that has wowed us. His site has once been featured on Awwwards as SOTD.

Virgin Active

Top Design Features:
Single Page | Fullscreen | Minimal | Photographybest fitness websites
Virgin Active is a multinational health club that has gyms located in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Thailand.

The website looks clean and easy to navigate, so as a user, you will never feel overwhelmed at any time during your user experience on this site.

The color combination of red and grey has been proven to work time after time, so if these are your brand colors, you can take a leaf out of Virgin Active.

ASSOS of Switzerland

Top Design Features:
Minimal | Photography | Fullscreen | WebGL | Single Pagebest fitness websites
Featuring a modern and sporty layout, ASSOS of Switzerland makes cycling look like a designer brand. This website has won the hearts of many web designers, leaving a trail of SOTDs as it blazes through the Internet.

The tried and tested black and white color combination can always polish the look of your website so even if you are using the same design idea for a street hawker in Bangkok, it will look like a cuisine brand from some 4 or 5-star hotels!

20 Minute Body

Top Design Features:
Fullscreen | Single Page | Photography | Colorfulbest fitness websites
We’ll admit, the page layout looks long but it’s a good example of a fitness website that is focused on selling product packages.

[text-blocks id=”59315″]

Some health and fitness sites emphasize on product sales and that’s why we wanted to show this variety in our list. It’s a site that makes us think of effective call-to actions and a user will easily find all the information he or she needs before making a purchase.

Create Pilates

Top Design Features:
Fullscreen | Single Page | Photography | Sound/Video | Animation | Minimalbest fitness websites
Next on our list of best fitness websites is Create Pilates. The moment you set your eyes on this site, you can feel the energy and dynamism oozing effortlessly. It’s pilates+ here so you can expect to find other elements such as nutrition and yoga on this site.

Create Pilates is ranking high on usability yet manage to capture a fun vibe, feels just like the precious protein bar every fitness enthusiast needs at the start of the day.


Top Design Features:
Responsive | Single Page | Photography | Navigationbest fitness websites
Primal7 focuses on suspension training for their customers, aiming to maximize performance while minimizing pain.

The design is clean, responsive, and effective – using a white and light grey background to get their message across. Featured on CSS Winner, it has won praise from critics for being a well-rounded website.

I Love This Fame

Top Design Features:
Responsive | Animated | Flat Design | SVG | Single Page | Colorfulbest fitness websites
One of the rare sports and fitness websites that use cartoon as its main inspiration, I Love This Fame is a fun way to introduce a non-profit project that aims to promote basketball among teenagers in Poland.

We were thrilled at trying the basketball shooting game on the site which works effectively to deliver the message that you too can be a basketball player. It’s creative, simple, and fun!

This site has also won a few SOTD awards at highly respected CSS website inspirational showcases.


Top Design Features:
Animated | Responsive | Parallax | Fullscreen | Sound/Video | Minimalbest fitness websites
Vitalmonitor is a fitness app that lets you monitor your exercise routines and fitness journey. The website has been voted SOTD and won Special Mention at a few top CSS website design inspirational galleries.

It’s interactive, creative, and extremely well-organized, offering a superb user experience to its site visitors.

[text-blocks id=”course-ad-online-marketing-articles”]

With new inspiration comes new web design

There you go – 10 of the best fitness websites that can hopefully help to inspire your own web design work. By the way, did you manage to spot any design patterns yet on what makes a stellar fitness website? We certainly did, so now it’s over to you to spot the gold!

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