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June Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Light up your creative arsenal

Here we are in June and it’s time again to light up your creative arsenal with ten of the best productivity apps that can boost your techie game and help you conquer any creative work in a jiffy.

We count startup entrepreneurs, web designers, web developers, writers, photographers, SEOs, productivity freaks, and more among our audience so you can be sure that we have a great tech tool suitable for your work niche. Let’s get started!


Imagine that you are looking for quality videos to use for your client’s homepage background but you have neither time nor money to shoot your own videos?

Well, with Coverr, you can get top notch homepage background videos (12 to 15 seconds) for free and impress your client without breaking a sweat. When you head to their website, you can find exclusive videos in different categories which you can add to a website through three different types of snippets: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The founders of Coverr add seven new videos to their website every Monday so that you can keep your web design ideas fresh.

best productivity apps

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Skuawk Public Domain Photos

For those writers and web designers who are often concerned about image copyrights, Skuawk Public Domain Photos offers a vast inventory of curated photos that are taken from the public domain which you can use without worrying about repercussions for your work.

We know what you think… raising an eyebrow when we say public domain? If you think the images here are substandard, you are far from the truth. Many of the photographs found here are unique and come in high resolutions – remember we said “curated”?

So, check them out today and get quality images at no cost!

best productivity apps

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Designing web pages and need lots of ready-to-use icons? You can save time and amplify your productivity by using the icon packs on IconStore.

There are more than 190 icon sets and more than 6500 icons for you to choose from and you have first-class designers to thank. What’s more, these icons are free and there’s no attribution required when you use them. What’s not to like?

best productivity apps

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The Facebook Ads Gallery

Today, Facebook advertising is a precious tool for many startups and business organizations of all sizes.

If social media marketing is on your mind, and you are focusing on Facebook for advertising, then checking out The Facebook Ads Gallery is a wise investment of your time. You can check out thousands of successful Facebook Ads and learn from your best competitors on how they do Facebook advertising.

After you have seen how they craft their ads, you can then go one step better to create a better Facebook ad to build your brand. Smart move, pal!

best productivity apps

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Have you just joined an SEO company and your boss assigns you to design infographics as one of your responsibilities?

If you are just a beginner in infographics creation, then this app can make you look like a rock star in front of your boss! It takes all the guesswork out of creating infographics and presentation charts so everyone can learn to create infographics – including your grandma!

The thing to note here is that while you can enjoy creating free infographics at the start, downloading them will require you to sign on a $19-monthly plan.

If you deal with infographics often, the monthly fee isn’t a big deal to worry about.

best productivity apps
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Muzli 2

Muzli 2 is a magazine-like mashup of your favorite publishers so that you can keep up with social media signals, videos, visual view of designer news, Sidebar and Product Hunt, and so much more.

This Chrome extension is customizable, has a small load footprint, and jam-packed with many other capabilities, making this one of the best productivity apps. If you are working in the design niche, you will easily appreciate the convenience it brings for you to stay ahead of the design curve.

best productivity apps

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When you need to seek inspiration for your web design work, where do you usually go? The common answer is checking out SOTDs on prominent websites that provide design inspirational galleries.

But what if you have to design a landing page? It’s rare to find a gallery full of inspirational landing pages but at LandingFolio, your dream has just come true!

There are 30 categories featured on this website so you can view landing pages best suited to your design niche.

best productivity apps

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What if we told you that there’s a tool you can use to turn any web page into a wire frame in just one click? Are you excited yet?

For UX designers, this awesome tool can make your work look like a breeze when you can just tear a web page down to its bare bones and see the basic layout and shape. Simply bookmark Wirify and focus on the page structure now!

What’s worth mentioning is that if you are teaching an UX design course, this will be a great tool for you to show off to your students.

best productivity apps

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If you have just launched a startup, one of the key areas you have to think about is how to get your brand out there. With

With Submit.co, you can easily find press coverage opportunities without wasting extensive amounts of time on the net. By accessing the website, you will come across a spreadsheet-like interface where you can find prominent press publications to link up with.

It’s great information at your fingertips and that’s why it’s on our list of best productivity apps so try it for your startup today!

best productivity apps

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Looking for the best productivity apps for typography to use for your creative work?

It can be really time consuming to search for stellar fonts through lots of dated foundries – with TypeWolf, your typography nightmares will all come to a stop.

You can get tons of free resources here on TypeWolf, from SOTDs to font recommendations to guides. Great tool for both print and web, it’s time you explore this website today!

best productivity apps

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Get started with the best productivity apps

At Web Courses Bangkok, we make it our responsibility to share useful tech tools so that our students and counterparts in the design niche can focus on their work better while making the most of productivity.

We hope you have enjoyed our June’s roundup of the best productivity apps for startups, creatives, and savvy tech users – show us some love and remember to share our post with your colleagues so that they can also tap on these effective tools for their creative work!

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