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What is the Most Popular UI and UX Design Program of Today?

Author: WC.Bear
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best ui design program
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User Interface (UI) play a significant role in web design, as the usability and success of a website will completely depend on how the UI is designed. If you are new in the web design field, you can learn what is today’s best UI design program based on famous designers opinion and daily use.

Web user interface is basically a graphical user interface (GUI) that accepts inputs from users and provides output (web pages) requested by the users. UI design will make the users interaction effective, sophisticated, and smooth. It is proper practice to design UI interfaces before developing a website, as they are making the user’s browsing experience free from hassle and pleasant.

1. Best UI Design Program – Sketch

best ui design program


The designers that are using Sketch will say it is because of its convenience. If you want to use only one tool for the whole design process such as wireframes, diagramming, pixel-perfect mock ups, and illustration, this tool is perfect for you. In many developers’ opinion, this tool gets the job done better and faster than the others. Moreover, it is focused on screen design, which means you do not need to wade with lots of print choices that do not matter. And because it is focused on screen design, it can understand pixels better than any other programs.

Sadly this tool is only available for Mac users.

2. Best UI Design program – Illustrator

best ui design program

This program creates illustrations and vector art using precise and advanced typography and drawing tools. It works intuitively and quickly on everything from marketing materials and brand identities to graphics for video, film, and web. Illustrator can stand advanced object styles, vector editing, symbols, and multiple art boards. Furthermore, it is also supporting paragraphs and character styles, which makes its typography design greater to some other. As it is great for illustration, any web graphics or icons you would like to create can be made in the same UI design program.

3. Best UI Design program – Photoshop

best ui design program

The landscape of web design is constantly changing, but Photoshop is still a classic. Many designers are using it to create web graphics, UI elements, functional mockups, and wireframes. This tool is used in the modern workflow of web designing. You can create a mockup for a company that contains responsive templates, font style, complex color, and a UI kit full of check boxes, navigation bars, buttons, and some other interface elements that are ready to use. Furthermore, despite its name, Photoshop is more than a simple manipulation and editing tool, and there is no reason you would not be able to make UI design with this tool. Photoshop is providing the most complete set of photo editing tools, compare to any graphic program in the market. It can be used for everything from comic book coloring to digital painting, illustration, and UI and web design, all the way to creating 3D game art, video production, and photo forensics.

4. Best UI Design Program – InDesign

best ui design program

The designers that use this tool usually combine it with some other tools because it has a table component, which is not matched if you would want to create some complex tables and when you want to re-size a column. It is also making it possible for you to drop images that are in line with text. Its facilities in graphic design can be limited, but it is supporting for character and paragraph styles, pages, object libraries, snippets are making it ideal for many UI design tasks. InDesign has also very advanced typesetting facilities, and supporting grid layouts. Together with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and InCopy Integration, it’s a natural option for many designers to design mobile apps, especially for magazines.

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What to use before you choose the best UI design program

During our chats with some designers and developers we heard a lot of people mentioning the wireframing program they prefer to get the UI ball rolling with. Here are a some honorable mentions:

Qt Quick

best ui design program

This is a modern UI technology separating the imperative programming logic and declarative UI design. Rather than the traditional C++ API of Qt, the program’s layer of presentation is being written with Qt-specific declarative language, “QML”. This will make it easier for you, especially if you are just getting started. Qt and QML are not just design programs, but they are a complete development suite. Many developers like these programs because they can quickly develop some interactive prototypes.


best ui design program

This is one of the most online popular design tool today. UXPin is featuring an easy drag and drop editor in creating interactive prototypes and wireframes, enabling for real-time edition and collaboration.


best ui design program

You will find shape libraries for android, website, and iOS mockups, and so you will be able to create interactions easily so that you can get a feel for the entire process and flow. Many designers love this UI design program because of its real-time collaboration, as you will be able to work together and get fast feedback from the other people you are working with.


best ui design program

This UI design program is an easy and fast way of creating interactive prototypes, and it costs nothing. All you have to do is getting started in a Dropbox account. Login and begin to build your prototype, while you can also use Dropbox in iterating your design. Your Dropbox account is a great avenue to share your designs and ideas with other people. Designers are using this program because of its easy approach to prototyping.

Not the ultimate list of the best UI design program s but a good start!

Our list was based on the choice and explanation of many developers in the web design industry. The best and the most popular tools that you should use will still depend on your needs, and on how you want your website to be like. Furthermore, just like many designers, you can also use two or more UI design tools for their certain specialty, which will help you make the best design.

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