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UI/UX, graphic design and branding


HTML/CSS, React, Swift & Python


Branding, SEO, SMM & branding


Street, product photo & video editing / vlog

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How to become a web designer

If you’re a creative, obsessed with design and how it works, then a career in web design may be perfect for you. From planning the user experience to bringing it to life through design and development – there is nothing more fulfilling than releasing one of your creations out into the world wide web. We’ve written some helpful articles all about it:


Top 10 Pro Tips for Winning Retainers for Your Freelance Business

By Carl in

Tech Startup CEOs & Investors: Navigating the Future of AI, Machine Learning, FinTech, SaaS, and ChatGPT

By Carl in

Website Wizardry: 6 Easy Hacks for Taking Your Site to the Next Level

By Carl in

Building Brand Equity Through Performance Marketing

By Carl in

Carl’s Comprehensive Guide to AI UX/UI Tools

By Carl in

Mastering Lead Generation: A Step-by-Step Guide Using 6 Powerful Tools

By Carl in

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We hope these guides help you on your way to becoming a professional web designer. If you need a little more help and enjoy being taught by industry professionals then please check out our Web Design Bootcamp

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