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Carl Heaton’s working experience – a special talk at Stamford University

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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We went to Stamford University contacted by Dr. Dolly, the Assistant President of Undergraduate Programs and Computer Science Lecturer, so Carl would share his working experience with her students. They came from different fields of study such as Faculty of Business Administration, Liberal Arts and International Hotel Management.

Twelve years of his working path (2001-2012)

Who would believe that the founder/director/CEO of a successful training company had started working as a call center and a barman? But it was Carl’s experience that taught him to keep working at things and start from the bottom. Every career he had been working such as being a web master, e-learning designer, LMS designer, English teacher, IT teacher and project manager gave him an extraordinary experiences that brought him to make the vital decision of his life. As a result, he decided to start his own business in 2008 which has become the well known Web Courses Bangkok whilst continuing to work as a UN consultant, UN accessibility expert, public speaker and web design instructor until now.

From a small notebook to reality

Something that Carl wanted to communicate is that many small water drops can create a big amount of water. Similarly, Web Courses Bangkok was established from small ideas from Carl’s little leather notebook. An ‘idea’ and a ‘goal’ are the keys for a success entrepreneur.
“Working by the beach and enjoy making websites that push boundaries of design and user experience” – Carl’s goal.
Carl left us 3 obstacles to bear in mind if you want to step in the web design business.

Obstacle 1: How to get start in the design industry and what to learn?
Obviously, if you want to be a web designer or web developer, you should know how the web works, type of websites and elements such as education, entertainment and charity, some specific programs such as Photoshop/Fireworks, HTML 5 & CSS 3, what are hosting and domains, PSD to HTML, WordPress/CMS, Responsive design, SEO/SMM and User experience design.

Obstacle 2: How to become a freelancer?
A portfolio can tell you how talented you are. You might have been creating or designing an important project for a big organization. This is a great credit to show to your new clients. Even if you build a charity website for free, please bear in mind that you can offer them free build but always charged for maintenances. Also, find specialized people to outsource to because many brains are always better than one.
“Remember, never ever do anything for free” – Carl.

Obstacle 3: Making Money
Choosing the right project would be a good start to make money. Always be 100% sure of the scope and create a solid proposal to avoid several problems that could occur. For example, if the clients want to change/add/remove any details on the website beyond the scope we agree at the beginning, they will have to pay for an extra charge.
“Don’t forget to pay yourself a salary because you have expenses to pay just like your employees.” – Carl.

Internship program

The internship program is open to all international students who are from Marketing, Accounting, or Web Design (ITE) majors. To become an intern, student must take a course at Web Courses Bangkok which is like an interview process for Carl to select the outstanding candidates.
The Internship lasts six months and typically ends with job placement; Carl will provide STIU documentation at the end of 480 hours. The position is unpaid, and interns can take classes for free to earn certificates. Also they will have a chance to work in real projects with our project manager. Working hours are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Student’s reflection

Here’re some feedbacks from students at Stamford University.
“I like his style when he speaks he can make a listeners attention and not boring and I like his presentation. He is a good speaker.”
“…he is a funny person, a really good speaker. He creates his own attractive way by his sense of humor to talk and present his idea as well as his IT jobs and the business.”
“Above all I loved his speech, it was amazing, I got inspired by his speech and the most important thing I learned is that you don’t need to have a price tag in any work you are doing but inspiring other will help the world become a better place. ”

“I always think IT (Information Technology) is a bored major within bored people. However, everything has been changed after I listened to Carl Heaton’s interesting lecture.”
“He makes me think a new idea to create or to do something new.”

Want to know more about web design?

Making your own awesome websites is simple. Have a look at our web design courses at Web Courses Bangkok!
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