Web Design Bootcamp

Web Design Bootcamp students standing with their certificates in front of Web Courses Bangkok Bangkok facility

A unique opportunity to launch your freelance career as a certified web design professional, in 12 weeks, while traveling and exploring Thailand.

Social Media Marketing for Teams

A girl making a list of marketing strategies

A two-day workshop to help your teams take control of your social media marketing and bring it in-house so you can save time and money from outside agencies

SEO for Teams

students taking a look at teacher Carl's notes

A two-day workshop to navigate the technical side of SEO (search engine optimisation) and bring it in-house so you can improve your website’s performance.

Content Marketing for Teams

a team discussing and working on their laptops

A two-day workshop to help your teams to build a content marketing and strategy development process to increase brand awareness and sales.

Design Sprints for Teams

classroom full of students working together

A two-day workshop to show your teams how to come up with decisions faster and innovate better to solve big challenges using the process of Design Sprints.

UX and UI for Teams

Student working on their UI in figma

A two-day workshop customized for your company’s UX/UI-based projects and workflows so your teams truly get the most benefit out of learning about UX/UI.