Web Design With Us

Student looking at their HTML code

Imagine the joy of building your own website besides a friendly expert. Choose your own project and schedule with our private 1-to-1 build a website with us course.

Python Essentials

Students discussing

Through this course you will learn Python from the start in a practical way, so you can apply your knowledge and skills in your own projects or for clients.

Web Development Introduction

Students holding their certificates in front of Web Courses Bangkok facility

A beginner-friendly course designed to give you an easy and fun introduction to front-end coding languages (HTML, CSS) and programming languages.

PHP & MySQL Essentials

Student looking at their computer screen in the classroom

Get hands-on training in and knowledge of PHP scripting language and how to use it to connect and communicate with databases through MySQL.

Master Adobe XD With Us

Students in a classroom working on their project using Adobe XD

Learn how to use Adobe XD from the start like a professional as a friendly instructor guides you step-by-step so you can gain skills for UX/UI to advance your career.