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Learn how to use Adobe XD from the start like a professional as a friendly instructor guides you step-by-step so you can gain skills for UX/UI to advance your career.
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Co-founder Carl explains how WCB can help you grow your ideas, skills and career.

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Can I see some examples?

Take a look at this impressive work done by our students using Adobe XD. Each of them showcase consistency and elegance. We would be happy to add your Adobe XD work to our gallery as well. 

Think of how amazing your website will look when you know how to use the worlds most popupular web design tool.

How does it work?

Want to learn more about this vector-based user experience design tool for web and mobile apps? We would be delighted to guide you on this journey.  The next step is to tell us about your goals, we recommend the amount of lessons and book you with an instructor. Here are the simple steps:

Let's get to know each other over a quick call

We offer a free 30-minute “get to know you” call so we can learn more about you and what you hope to achieve at the end of this course. If you have a specific project in mind, then let us know!

Set a pace and schedule that works for you

We want to be as flexible as possible and set a schedule that works for you. So you decide how you want to space out your in-person classes, online or a mix of the both; it’s up to you.

Achieve your goals with our friendly experts

We work closely with you to set specific learning goals for each class so you know exactly what will be covered and get the most out of the guided instruction with our friendly experts.

Never forget what you learned with free HD recordings

We believe in building long-lasting relationships and friendships which is why we offer free HD recordings of each class so you will always have it to look back on whenever you need.

I have some questions, who can I speak to?

Taya is our booking manager and happy to answer your questions and give you recommendations.

It works out over 50% cheaper to do a 1-to-1 build it with us than paying an agency for the same job...

Pricing and payment options

1-to-1 classes are 1,750 baht per hour. We recommend online classes being just 2 hours and in person classes 3. Let’s look at some example projects and how much they would cost 1-to-1 vs through an agency:
9 hrs

XD (recommended)

Use Adobe XD like a UX/UI professional for mobile app and web design projects

15,750 baht
Lesson: 3
Open schedule

Recommended addon lessons


Landing Page Design

Design a user-centric website using Adobe XD

5,250 baht
Lesson: 1
Open schedule

App Design

Build and test your mobile app design prototype using Adobe XD

10,500 baht
Lesson: 2
Open schedule

Advanced Interactive Prototype Testing

Use Adobe XD to build wireframes and interactive prototypes, which you can test on users for feedback

19,200 baht
Lesson: 4
Open schedule

Payment options

Monthly payment plan with 0% interest and online payments secured by OMISE protection.

The teacher was a professional designer and did a lot of consultancy works at the same time so he provided very up-to-date knowledge on the style.

Le Thi Huong Lien

Head of Communications at Office of UN Resident Coordinator to Lao PDR View Le's LinkedIn Profile

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