SEO for Teams

A two-day workshop that is customised specifically for your company to help your teams navigate the technical side of SEO (search engine optimisation) and bring it inhouse so that you can improve your website’s overall performance; make your business visible and attract more customers online; implement targeted marketing; and, most importantly, save money on outsourcing or agency fees.

Quick details

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Search Engine Optimisation will always be a tough landscape. With Google taking up 70% of all global desktop search traffic, followed by Baidu at 13%, Bing at 12%, and Yahoo at 2% we will always need to optimise our content for search engines.

What benefits can my company see from this training?

“91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google, mostly due to the fact they don’t have backlinks.”

Search Engines love relationships, yes that’s right. They love how sites link to sites and content links to intent. In the new SEO for Teams workshop series we dive not only into creating quality unique content but how to correctly promote it. Your teams will walk away with new skills ready to implement as soon as they are back at their desk.

“Tell a story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” — Rand Fishkin

Grow your team’s SEO skills that give real ROI with Web Courses today.

We can customise the course to your aims

What will be covered in the workshops?

Designed to be at least two full days training, totaling 10 hours of world class in-person training

Where can I get more details?

The topics covered, options for customisation, schedule and a break down of the cost, discounts and packages.

Why should I choose Web Courses for my training budget?

Investing with Web Courses training is an investment in your own company

We understand your company's capabilities, needs, and goals in detail

We build a customised workshop together based on your needs

We provide tailored, hands-on team-based training to deliver actionable results

We provide onine support for up to 1 month and options for more consultancy

Instructor profile

Your aims
our expertise

Carl Heaton

Carl Heaton (UK)

With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry and having worked with a number of international companies and organizations including Adobe, Thomson Reuters, Facebook & the United Nations, Carl offers a depth of knowledge and wealth of expertise in strategy and training to bring companies commercial success.

Mathias Hulvén (Sweden)

With more than 15 years of experience in managing agency operations and leading product teams and design, Mathias is a seasoned entrepreneur, digital product manager and creative strategist with a passion for the retail sector and improving ROI for clients by aligning organizations, teams and leaders with innovative ideas, new directions and clear creative processes.

Choose the right package for your needs

From small teams to large squads we are here to support your organisations learning needs. Note, for larger teams we will work with you to find the a suitable training venue to give the best learning experience.

Small teams

@Your office/our academy
฿ 19,000 Price per person and the best choice for up to 10 trainees.
2 full-day interactive workshops.
  • Ideal for teams wanting to work on specific company projects.
  • Facility fully optimised for training with 24” iMacs, XHD projector and super fast fiber internet.
  • Refreshments and lunch provided in our homely training center.
  • If training at our center we can provide two breaks, lunch and refreshements through out the days.

Large teams

@Hotel/co-working venue
฿ 21,000 Price per person and for groups of 10+ trainees and over.
2 full-day interactive workshops.
  • Perfect for company wide / cross team training on core topics.
  • World class facilities innovatively and uniquely designed for training that can comfortably seat 20+ ppl.
  • Tasty refreshments and lunches and breaks provided by the venue.
  • Web Courses will also provide prizes and gifts to make this a truely fun experience for everyone.

Remote teams

฿ 14,000 Price per person and works best with maxiumum of 24 trainees.
2 days training, 4 hours per day.
  • Optimimal for remote or WFH teams from anywhere in the world.
  • Highly customised online learning experience through zoom, mural, figma and notion.
  • All lessons recorded in HD and available to download anytime.
  • Web Courses will provide a unique blended online learning environment to keep everyone fully engaged.


Can I get a company reciept?

Yes, absolutely. We are a fully registered company here in the kingdom of Thailand. During the confirmation of your courses please send us your company details and TAX ID so we can process the invoices accordingly. For Thai national companies we will also process the 3% withholding tax as required by Thai labor law.

Do we have to pay 7% vat?

Companies and people based in Thailand have to pay 7% tax on services yes. If you are an international company then we will not add 7% tax onto our pricing. All prices on the website do not include tax.

What extra charges are there?

There are no extra charges other than if you add more active participants to the training. We allow up to 2 non-active participants for free. This is an idea if your team leads or managers want to join and observe the training.

If you wish us to give out prizes then we ask that you provide these but we will cover all other costs directly related to the training. If you require a translator this will be added to the cost of the training.

Lastly, you will receive all the recordings and files at no extra cost.

What discounts are available?

The more participants the greater the discount. The cheapest option for training is online as we reduce the rate by 20%. We then offer discounts for over 10 trainees to a max of 24 in one class.

As we are a registered school we are able to offer special rates to NGO’s and registered charities.

We also offer discounts for returning teams. Let our teams know the last time you did training with us and we will over a 10% discount on the training.

Can you travel to other cities?

Yes, we have teachers all over the world and if our teachers are able to travel to your city we will certainly let you know. For within Thailand we will charge for the transport and time for the teacher to come to your city. If the city is far from their home we will include a standard hotel fee for them to stay in the training that lasts over one day.

Do we receive certificates at the end?

Yes, and it is a special moment when we celebrate learning. We can provide high-quality printed and PDF versions of the certificates to give to your team. For in-person workshops, we do this at the end of the training, and online we can discuss with your team how to post out the certificates in time for the final lesson.

Our certificates come from our fully accredited school and are a wonderful addition to mark the investment you have put into your team’s learning and development.

What related workshops do you have?

If you are interested in a totally customised package then please contact us.

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You can get an Ed-Visa with these bootcamps

You can get an Ed-Visa with these bootcamps