Web Development Introduction

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A beginner-friendly course designed to give you an easy and fun introduction to front-end coding languages (HTML, CSS) and programming languages.
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What can I do after this course?

This course will not only help you to understand the fundamentals of web development, but it will also give you enough understanding to be able to develop and mend websites with confidence.

Have a clear understanding how front-end and programming languages work

We take a practical, uncomplicated, step-by-step approach to show you the building blocks of languages such as HTML and CSS and programming languages so that you are equipped with one of the most sought after industry skills

Feel confident to solve problems using code and developer tools

We dive into topics such as Version Control with Git, Responsive Design and Debugging, and Browser Developer Tools so you know how to identify simple issues with your own work or client projects and know the steps that need to be taken to fix them

Use skills learned on your own work or team-based projects

We believe that practice makes perfect. You will practice using your coding skills on a wide range of real-world scenarios and solve for a range of commonly occurring problems so you can feel assured to code for your own project or your clients

How does it work?

If you have a specific project in mind or would like to learn the fundamentals of web development so that you can work in this industry, we would be glad to help you in this journey of yours. The next step is to tell us about your goals, we recommend the amount of lessons and book you with an instructor. Here are the simple steps:

Let's get to know each other over a quick call

We offer a free 30-minute “get to know you” call so we can learn more about you and what you hope to achieve at the end of this course. If you have a specific project in mind, then let us know!

Set a pace and schedule that works for you

We want to be as flexible as possible and set a schedule that works for you. So you decide how you want to space out your in-person classes, online or a mix of the both; it’s up to you.

Achieve your goals with our friendly experts

We work closely with you to set specific learning goals for each class so you know exactly what will be covered and get the most out of the guided instruction with our friendly experts.

Never forget what you learned with free HD recordings

We believe in building long-lasting relationships and friendships which is why we offer free HD recordings of each class so you will always have it to look back on whenever you need.

I have some questions, who can I speak to?

Taya is our booking manager and happy to answer your questions and give you recommendations.

It works out over 50% cheaper to do a 1-to-1 build it with us than paying an agency for the same job...

Pricing and payment options

1-to-1 classes are 1,750 baht per hour. We recommend online classes being just 2 hours and in person classes 3. Let’s look at some example projects and how much they would cost 1-to-1 vs through an agency:
9 hrs

Web Development Essentials (recommended)

Use global industry-leading web development tool WordPress to build a customised website with an elegant design and all the functionality you desire. By mastering WordPress you save a lot of money on outsourcing and agency fees.

15,750 baht
Lesson: 3
Open schedule

Recommended addon lessons


Personal Website / Blog

Enhance your personal website or blog with customised design and features to improve user experience, increase engagement, and achieve your performance goals

9,600 baht
Lesson: 2
Open schedule

Small Business Website

Build a customised website with advanced features for a small-to-medium enterprise for e-commerce, food and beverage delivery, branding, directory listings, and more

9,600 baht
Lesson: 2
Open schedule

Corporate Website With Third Party Integration

Develop a website for a national or international brand with complex features, intricate functions and various third party integrations

9,600 baht
Lesson: 2
Open schedule

Payment options

Monthly payment plan with 0% interest and online payments secured by OMISE protection.

Really great experience! The best part for me is that the class sets you up to further independent learning.

Jade Jiambutr

Founder/Architect at INVOKE View Jade's LinkedIn Profile

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