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With the guidance of our friendly expert instructors, you will work in a team on real client projects to complete your portfolio pitch for clients or apply for jobs.
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Why choose this course

Teera - UX/UI designer for company name

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Teera found a job as junior designer right after the course is now a freelancer in Bangkok

What will be covered in the workshops?

Designed from beginner to professional. You will cover all the skills you need to become a professional freelance web designer.

What can I expect from this course?

Dive deeper into key areas of design such as UX/UI design, Design Thinking, Design Sprints, user testing and research, branding, style guides, and creating design systems in Figma, so that you can equip yourself with advanced design strategies to apply to your own project or for a client

Learn more about Elementor Advanced, WordPress caching & optimisation, front-end coding, front-end frameworks such as Javascript, backend development, databases, and GIT version control, so you can build and improve on the websites you are working with a deeper understanding of the development side

Explore how to apply different marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, email marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) marketing to your website, so can generate income for yourself or your client

Become proficient in project management tools for teams and remote work collaboration tools as well as understand how to look for a job and interview successfully, so you are ready to work on and manage real projects

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Web Design Bootcamp Brochure was sent to your email. Please check your inbox. We are looking forward to hear from you and to have you join us at WCB soon.

Taught byfriendly  industry expert instructors

What happens after the Bootcamp

1 - 3 months:

Pitch to new clients and/or apply for freelance projects or entry-level jobs

With a complete portfolio, you are now ready to pitch for new client projects where you will earn income on a project-by-project basis or apply for entry-level web design jobs where you will earn a monthly salary.

3 - 6 months:

Strive to complete different projects to strengthen and diversify your portfolio

Focus on completing different kinds of projects to show a diverse range in designs, skills, and ideas in your portfolio to increase your competitive edge when pitching to new clients or for new projects.

6 - 12 months:

Apply for mid-level roles and explore specialisations

With a strong portfolio and more work experience in this field, you can apply for mid-level positions and explore different areas of web design such as UX/UI design, front-end development, back-end development, content management / copywriting, and more to gain more specialised experiences. 

1 - 2 years:

Expect to lead teams and projects

As you evolve and grow as a web design professional, your knowledge and experience will become your assets to land you unique opportunities where you will confidently lead teams, manage projects, and interact with clients.

I have some questions, who can I speak to?

Taya is our booking manager and happy to answer your questions and give you recommendations.

What is the portfolio project?

Use the tools and skills learned in class for a real-world web design project

The portfolio project is a website you will build for a real-world client. Working together with your classmates as a team you will build a full website using all the tools and skills learned during the Web Design Professional Bootcamp course.

This website will be a part of your portfolio to help pitch for future projects. 

Web Courses really helped me get a leg up in the tech scene. I came as a complete beginner, and they helped me build my career from the ground up!

Musawenkosi Mabena

Web Designer & Developer View Musa's LinkedIn Profile

Course dates and times for 2022-2023

Days of the week: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur

Morning sessions:
10am to 12noon
Afternoon workshops:
1pm to 3pm
Afterclass support:
3pm to 5pm
Social events:
5pm to 9pm

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Pricing and payment options

We want to make it an easy decision for you to join our courses.
We offer a variety of promotions, packages and flexible payment options.

Promotions & Packages

Bootcamp standard price

Standard rate
65,000 baht
30,000 baht

Early Bird Discount​

Book 3 months in advance & save 10%
Discounted rate:
58,500 baht
6,500 baht

Career package

Book both Web Design Bootcamp and Web Professional
Discounted rate:
117,000 baht
13,000 baht

Refer a friend

Book 3 months in advance & save 20%
Discounted rate:
52,000 baht
13,000 baht

Payment options

Monthly payment plan with 0% interest and online payments secured by OMISE protection.

What is included in the bootcamp?

We limit places to maximum of 10 people per class to ensure you get the best attention from the instructors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need more answers? Email [email protected]

Finding a job in any field requires experience. We suggest 3-6 months of practice and freelancing after the Bootcamp. Realistically you can apply for entry-level jobs 6-12 months after you complete the Bootcamp. What most of our alumni do, is spend 1 month finishing their portfolio and then look for freelance jobs. The school also supports you in finding projects to build your portfolio

Our Web Professional course has the approval of the Thai Ministry of Education. This means that you can enter Thailand on an educational visa for this course. We can even help you with the process!

All other courses can be completed in the time frame allowed on a tourist visa.

The main expenditure will be entertainment as rent will be around 10,000 to 20,000 baht, bills around 3,000 baht and travel around 3,000 baht. For a more detailed breakdown of costs please see this helpful article

You don’t need any kind of experience to enroll in our courses. Just bring your laptop with the appropriate software or we have school computers that you can use its your choice , just inform our booking team and they will allocate you one, then you are ready to learn.

Your portfolio will always be the best way to show your progress as a designer. Having a certificate from a fully accredited Tech Academy will always be a plus on your CV and give you an edge when winning clients and applying for jobs. Also, here in Thailand, it will help you with the paperwork needed for a Work Permit.

At the training centre we have 24 iMac’s ready to use for all your projects and classes. This means you don’t have to carry any heavy laptops to class and use our 4K retina screens to design the perfect UI. If you prefer to use your own laptop you are most welcome to bring it and use our 16MB fibre connection anytime you need.

For Software, we will be using Figma and Sublime which are both free. To get the most out of the course we recommend buying a domain name and hosting. A domain costs around 9 USD and hosting 6 USD per month.

Book a call and chat with a learning advisor with any questions.

Schedule a call with our friendly training advisors like Taya.

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