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December Roundup: 10 Tech Tools For Startups, Creatives & Savvy Users [ISSUE #1]

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Welcome to our December edition for our monthly roundups, where we introduce useful tech tools such as apps, websites, and programs to help web designers, developers, writers, photographers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs succeed online.

It’s certainly a busy season for all; but you do not have to find yourself behind in your work amidst all that holiday shopping and partying because there are so many productivity hacks that you can capitalize on. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tilda Publishing

If you are an aspiring web designer or a business owner who wants to create your very first website without handing any coding complexities, you should get to know Tilda Publishing.

Although there are many free website creation tools out there, Tilda Publishing stands out because of its module editor. It is intuitive and really easy to use. Whether you want to create just a landing page or a full-blown portfolio website, you will be pleased with the versatility and flexibility that this tool offers.

There is a free version for you to try out where you can create one site with up to 50 pages.

If you are going beyond this, then you can look at their Personal and Business packages where you can enjoy maximum features at very modest prices.

Startup Tools
Official site: tilda.cc
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PhotoScan by Google

Great for photographers and just about anyone out there, PhotoScan by Google solves a simple photo digitization problem.

We’re sure that you have tons of old photos in those family albums (you’ll probably re-discover them this holiday season) – from images that feature your grandpa as a young and handsome bloke to images that show you wearing ugly sweaters in your childhood days. What happens when you want to digitize them?

Buying a scanner can be an unnecessary cost, while snapping the old photos with your smartphone can be a battle with glare and unsightly photo edges.

Well, enter PhotoScan by Google – a smart app that actually intelligently scans your old photos and automatically digitize those hard-copy photographs while straightening them, fixing crooked edges, removing glare, and more!

You can also use this app in conjunction with Google Photos so your photo digitization project can be accomplished in a jiffy.


Official site: www.google.com/photos/scan/
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If you are seeking product inspiration for your startup, what better way to get creative than to learn from the people behind trending products? With Maker, you can get to know the stories behind different brands as this website showcases the makers and their creations like a storytelling platform.

For readers, while we get our inspirational fix from Maker, entrepreneurs can get a chance to gain more exposure by telling their stories here – making it a win-win situation for both sides of the spectrum.

However, do note that makers get a chance to be featured here based on a strictly invitational basis.

Official site: maker.me
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Whether you are working as an online content writer or you are a non-native English learner trying to brush up your writing skills, Writefull is a free tool that can help you write in style.

It is a lightweight app that works on the Windows, MacOSX, and Linux platforms which you can use to obtain instant feedback against your writing.

By using key databases such as Google Scholar, Google Web, Google Books, and Google News as the learning basis, Writefull can show you the frequency of certain word phrases, find synonyms, show you how that a particular word phrase is used under different contexts, and more.

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a Microsoft Word program or you are inside Gmail composing an email message; as long as you are online, Writefull can come to your rescue instantly!

English Learner
Official site: writefullapp.com
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We have covered many free stock photo websites in our monthly roundups, but Zoommy offers a breath of new air because it offers not just one free stock photo directory but helps you search for images from 50 sources!

More than 50 000 photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero & Public Domain can be found on Zoommy, so whether you are a content writer looking for your safe-to-use blog post images or you are a web designer trying to put up images for your client’s website, you will be pampered with lots of free stock photo choices here.

What’s more, the Aspect Ratio Filter is a really brilliant functionality that you can find on Zoommy; if photo size and shape is one of your main considerations.

All in all, when it comes to free stock photo directories, what we want is to have lots of choices during our image search. Zoomy does this and more pretty well, so check it out now!

Photo Website
Official site: zoommyapp.com
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Another web development tool on our list. Forest offers a universal admin interface that web developers can use to manage their application.

Some of the top features for Forest include the ability to instantly set up your admin interface by simply installing it in your application as well as the ability to retain full control when it comes to data privacy (because the data is transferred directly to the browser from the application so the data stays invisible to Forest’s servers).

Developers understand that the focus should be placed on developing the product rather than wasting time to build a DIY admin interface, you will know just how helpful this tool is!

Web Development
Official site: www.forestadmin.com
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Have you ever wanted a one-stop solution to manage all your different domains? Web developers, rejoice!

With Nuage, you can purchase domain names in a hassle-free way, import and manage domains from multiple registrars. You can even set up domain renewal for all the different domains in a single app.

All in all, it solves all the “here, there, everywhere” problem by making it really simple for you to productively manage all the domains that you are in charge of from a single source.

Startup Tools
Official site: www.nuageapp.com
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Web designers and developers may find themselves in a fix when they want to convert static HTML websites to WordPress themes. With Pinegrow, this problem is easily solved.

This tech tool lets you build responsive websites with CSS styling, live multi-page editing, and more. You can also build WordPress themes from scratch if you want to.

What’s more, Pinegrow comes with support for Foundation, Angular JS, HTML, and Bootstrap. So when using it, you can easily drag components to the page and customize them through UI properties. Those who love to work with coding, Pinegrow allows you to use your favorite code editor without it wrecking your workflow.

Coming with a great suite of features, it’s hard to say no to Pinegrow when you think about all the time you can save, and all the inconveniences you can avoid!

Startup Tools
Official site: pinegrow.com
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Hey Press

Tech entrepreneurs, especially the newbies, should get to know Hey Press. A smart way for you to find tech journalists that can offer you and your startup invaluable media exposure.

Featuring a great search bar, you can search relevantly for tech writers who have written specifically about your business niche, and will be in a good position to feature your brand in another media coverage opportunity.

When you have searched for a certain keyword (try Oculus Rift or bitcoin), you will be able to see the relevant articles. Numerous tech journalists have written previously as well as their contact details (if they are available).

Hey Press is undoubtedly an easy way for you to do brand outreach, and should be part of your consideration when you are putting together your online content marketing campaign.

Tech Entrepreneurs
Official site: www.hey.press
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GIF Holiday Card Creator

Well, since it’s the holiday season, we are going to break the rules once (because we can!) and feature a fun tool that has nothing to do with creative work but everything to do with the holidays!

This Christmas and New Year season, you can create a GIF holiday card that will make your recipients smile with your thoughtful gesture. Simply go to GIF Holiday Card Creator’s website, type in a keyword to find a fun GIF as well as contact details plus a personalized message to create your very own season’s greetings.

Not only do you get to impress your recipients with a unique holiday card, you might be very well sending them a GIFt of laughter!


Official site: holidays.airdev.co
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That’s ten tech tools for you, folks! From photography tools to web design tools to web development tools to writing tools and more. We hope you try these recommendations for yourself today, and see how you can save time and effort in your creative work or your journey in building up your startup.

Since the holidays are over and we all are back working, we think it’s absolutely appropriate to ask you to share our post with your friends and colleagues!

We hope you enjoyed our post and see you next month at our first monthly tech tool roundup of 2017!

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