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An Honest Opinion of Some Amazing Websites using The Divi Theme

Author: WC.Bear
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We all know that WordPress has many choices of themes overall, though, there are approximately more than 10,000 themes available, but this time, we want to discuss the amazing WordPress Divi theme by Elegant themes. The Divi theme is what we recommend to our Web Design intermediate students as they have made some great designs. However, we want to discuss some amazing designs from around the world.

We asked the Divi Facebook Group if they had any special portfolio projects that they feel really showed off the power of Divi. We had over 5 designers contact us and these are our chosen best 3.

Divi Theme – Branded By Britt

branded by britt wordpress divi theme

I like this design as it has an appealing clean layout and nice bright colour scheme. Personally, what I like the most about this website is that it is not using stock images instead, the owner presents herself. It gives a lovely feel and tone of the character of the website., and for CTA button(call to action) is clearly throughout.

The website is not overloaded with too much text which makes it easy to read. After browsing through the website, I really had the impression that she cares about her website as she keeps her blog always updated as well as the other pages.


Let’s take a look at the responsive design of the website. Brand by Britt has a good score the responsiveness for the overall user experience on different devices. You can use mobile-friendly test tool for free to test how your site works across difference devices also.

Pingdom wordpress divi theme

She also has a performance grade of website speed test, to test the load time of the page as you can see from Pingdom, so not only is the site well made, with great content is also fast and easy to use. Well done!

Learn Mojo

Learn Mojo is a school for history and social studies. For me, this website is not so bad. I can see how she has used the Divi theme page builder to make the pages well spaced and easy to read.

learnmojo wordpress divi theme

To be honest, I did not understand what she actually did when I first reading. I am a native Thai speaker and English is my second language so I found it difficult to really get what she does. How she does it is well written but still left me with questions.

Personally, I think that she has put too many pictures of herself around the website. I am not really interested in her but her students and what they have achieved so I can be sure that it would help me in the same way.

The content is also a little boring, nothing really stood out to me. Even though the design is really nice when I read the content, but it didn’t inspire me to be honest. I really like the way the designer has used the full width with some nice graphical backgrounds and the overall colour scheme of the site gives a nice personality and tone.

The whites, purples and yellows colours help the call to action buttons stand out and are easy to find. Even though the website is quite long, but I do I enjoyed scrolling and looked forward to each new section.

Additionally, the website does not provide any social media contact details or a contact page (or maybe I was just not able to find it). The website needs to place the contact opportunities more clearly to make it easy for people to send her email or find her on social media.

learnmojo wordpress divi theme

Let’s see how the responsive Divi theme design looks like for smaller screens. Learn Mojo has a good responsiveness with a nice scale of pictures and typography. I really like the success story ideas on this website, however, the website needs to have an image with a better resolution and update the testimonials to stay updated for new customers.

wordpress divi theme

One big thing the site is lacking is optimisation as it scored 75% page speed score on GTmetrix but from our first test, it had a 8.4 second loading time. 


Colorstone wordpress divi theme

Next, let’s take a look at a stunning website of Colorstone band page. Overall, the website has a very minimalistic design which is often very hard to design. I like the images that are displayed in the separated boxes with a very simple design layout and a great mix of colours. The header is actually one big huge navigation. On hover I see where I can go and this looks just as nice on responsive design.

Right away I wanted to start clicking around and exploring the site might steal this idea for myself on my next project. The typography is strong and clear and very easy to find things like social media, which makes a lot of sense as this where you can find all their latest content.colorstone wordpress divi theme

[text-blocks id=”59315″]

A great feature is that you can browse on their website while you can enjoy listening to the newest songs. I caught myself swinging my head to the beats while browsing Colorstone’s website. The design of the player itself is also very clean and easy to use.

“The Divi Showcase Contest Winner”

Just last week ago, Elegant Themes announced the winner of over 2,000 different websites participating. Now they published the three winners in terms of clean design, professional design, and unique approaches of using the Divi Builder.


wordpress divi theme

The winner of the Divi theme showcase has a powerful, but very clean and simple design. It uses motion-animated gif. which is great gimmick of the website. It makes the website feel more interactive and entertaining. Great, simple design with a perfect use of space. I am not really surprised why this website is the winner.

Pensiunea Roua Muntilor

wordpress divi theme

The second winner presents itself with a design that is colorful and gives a natural feeling to the website. It has playfully illustrated elements and it replaces sharp edges and fine lines with organic shapes that mimic the nature.


wordpress divi theme

Here we have a creative agency who is the third winner of the Elegant Themes Divi Showcase. The design contains a colorful section with geometric elements and good use of space. Every element slides perfectly smooth. Overall, it is clear and easy to understand. Each of the winners has a gorgeous responsive design which promises a great user experience. Any layout or section will fit perfectly on any device of your choice. Don’t forget. It is not only about the user experience. Google looks after mobile-friendly design and it has effects on your rank search results.

So what have I learnt from looking at these designs?

Colour is just as important as words. Yup, that might annoy some people but it is the first thing that hit my eye. When I see horrible colours I don’t want to read, when I enjoy the look and feel then I am willing to put in the effort to read in English. And please don’t use the difficult words it would be better if you use a simple text that made people easy to understand.

[text-blocks id=”59315″]

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