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How to massively increase your business with facebook ads

Author: Michael Jones
He specializes in helping students with social media branding, marketing strategy and content creation. - See more at: Online Marketing Courses
Michael Jones
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Attract new business with just a few bucks a day.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the insane amount of business people get by running an effective Facebook Advertising campaign.

This form of Social Media Marketing can bring in a generous amount of leads. If you’re looking to promote a post, build an email list or get the edge over the competition. Facebook Advertising is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to effectively marketing your business online.

effective facebook advertising

Why Facebook?

With over 1 billion users constantly scrolling, liking and sharing on average of 30min a day. This social media platform is the go to for business building.

Facebook has become a huge part of our lives. It’s our way of communicating, source of entertainment and an outlet for self-expression.

So, basically if we’re bored, need to get in contact with friends/family or just want to watch a funny video clip. We open up our Facebook accounts and get lost in social networking for hours on end.

This is why Facebook advertising is so effective. It puts your product, business or free giveaway right in front of your ideal customer or client.

What Kind of Campaign Do I Run For My Business?

effective facebook advertising

With any social media campaign there should always an objective. What do you want your customer/client to do once they see your promoted ad?

With 10 different advertising objectives (as of now); we will go over a few options that are known to increase traffic and awareness to your business.

  • Click to Website: If you want people to check out your homepage, sales page or online store. This option will send people directly to your page of choice.
  • Page Post Engagement (Boost Post): Let’s say you have a post that you really want people to see. Simply press Boost Post button to increase your social reach. This option was created due to the fact that only 2 percent of your audience actually sees your posts.

Effective Facebook advertising such as this will increase engagement on your business page or get the word out about a promotion or event that would appeal to your already existing audience.

  • Video Views: I love this option. This is great if you have a branding video or just want people to take a look at your latest vlog. Video is one of the most popular forms of advertising on Facebook because of its clickable and sharable nature.

effective facebook advertising

With a conversion rate around .01-.03 per view, video views have become a very popular and cost effective Facebook advertising option when marketing on Facebook.

  • Page Likes: If you’re looking to build yourself as an authority in your business. It’s all about the likes!!!

“Everyone likes their page. So they have to be the best at what they do, right?” Social Media is a popularity contest. The more likes, shares and engagement a page has they become the authority by default.

  • Website Conversions: This is all about the action one takes when they go to your site, sales page or online store. Are they registering for your webinar, purchasing product(s) or jumping off the page. All customer actions are tracked by adding a HTML code (pixel) on your site to measure the ROI on the ad.

effective facebook advertising

Are Facebook Ads Right For My Business?

Many find out the hard way that Facebook ads are not a good fit for all businesses. One must remember, Facebook ads are like a billboard. They are best used to peak interest.

If you’re looking to build an email list, generate traffic or build brand awareness. Facebook Ads are right for your business.

Not to say you can’t find success with an online store or product. But most people are fickle and won’t commit to purchase a product right off the bat.

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What Makes for Successful and Effective Facebook Advertising?

You defiantly need to play around with your Facebook ads (A/B testing) to find your successful ad formula.

A/B testing is a strategy that involves two or more versions of an ad that are tested against each other to see which one performs well with audiences.

Best ways to A/B test your product is to do the following:

  • Change the placement of images/objects
  • Test your ad title
  • Use different style of text to see which ad plays better to audiences
  • Find images that are eye catching evoke emotion and engage your target audience
  • Play around with your Call to Action Buttons: Buy Now, Learn More, Download Now, etc.

A/B Testing Case Study

A business wanted to minimize their marketing dollar but maximize profits. So they decided to do A/B test their ads to see which one would perform better.

They designed one ad that did not have a safety badge and another that had a security badge on the side bar.

To most, this should make customers feel safe and they wouldn’t hesitate buy the product.

effective facebook advertising

The result: There was a 400% increase in conversion and 4 times more people clicked on the image without the security badge. Now you see the importance of A/B testing? I know it may sound overwhelming when first taking on the task of running a Facebook ad. Try following these 5 winning components when creating your Facebook Ad.

effective facebook advertising

Make it Visually Appealing: Use high quality images or video to capture your potential client/customer. Facebook algorithm favors visual content (especially video). This ad is colorful, eye catching; the food is well placed and shows  exactly what you’re getting. It’s also full of value. First, the “free trial” and second, mentions the health benefits of the product.

effective facebook advertising

Entice Me: Make your potential lead click on your ad. Are you offering a free e-book or a discount? The average Facebook user is bombarded with ads everyday. Make your offer UNIQUE and BELIEVABLE. Never make promises you can’t keep (watching this webinar will make you a millionaire!)

An effective Facebook advertising campaign is very clean and simple. This one showcases a beautiful room, most likely in an exotic location. It has a great offer of 40% off starting today! Which makes me want to take action to learn more about how I can get this “exclusive” deal.

effective facebook advertising

Relevant Ad: Make sure you’re talking to your target market and your offer is relevant to them. Facebook has an awesome reporting tool feature that calculates the relevance of your ad. Using a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. You can tell if your add will appeal to your target market.

Another reason this relevance score is important. The better your score, the lower your cost of conversion will be. This ad was successful because its use of Kate Hudson. She is a relevant Hollywood actress who is in incredible shape, which works wonders on selling workout gear.  This is a great ad that plays well with the target audience.

Social proof is the two friends whom have already liked the page. Thus making the ad even more relevant and leading to a higher conversion rate.

effective facebook advertising

Clear Call to Action: Tell your potential lead what to do next. There are 5 different call to action buttons:  Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now, Download.

Do you want them to “Buy Now” “Learn More” or  “Download.” If you don’t have a clear Call to Action, no action will take place. This ad was most successful using the CTA button “Learn More.” Learn more doesn’t evoke so much as a commitment as purchasing or downloading a product.

Please don’t forget to…

Target Your Audience: The reason most businesses fail is because they don’t know their target audience/customer.

This is the most important step one must take to ensure you run a successful and effective Facebook Advertising campaign. Once you have your ideal person or niche defined. You can use Facebook targeting to find them and place your ad right on their timeline.

This powerful feature is the reason why Facebook Ads are so effective for building business.

With the demographic targeting feature. You can target someone based on his or her:

  • Age
  • Job title
  • Gender
  • Interest
  • Hobbies
  • Behaviors

You can even target people who like a specific type of clothing (ex. Women, ages 25-30 whom like a Lulu Lemon clothing and shop online).

Facebook ads are a powerful tool when it comes to getting your business information or offer right in front of your ideal client/customer. With the right image, copy, and call to action, you too can take advantage of effective Facebook advertising and greatly increase your business with a click of a button. With the insane amount of user per month on Facebook, you will have a great chance to create an enormous amount of lead and with Facebook’s great targeting techniques, you can make sure that your advertising will pop up in front of the right consumer.

Have you tried running a Facebook Ad before? What was your winning ad formula?

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