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Emphasize, Entice and Excite

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Marketing, for me, is getting people interested in what you do and why they should do it too.  Being the marketing face means finding a way to empathize, entice and excite (in that order).

Emphasize Entice and Excite Your Web Usuers

Marketing, for me, is getting people interested in what you do and why they should do it too.  Being the marketing face means finding a way to empathize, entice and excite (in that order).


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Who are your customers/visitors? Now there are many ways to find this out with the web. One is to look at your analytics regularly. E.g. I know that you, yes you reading this, probably came from the United States via Stumble Upon or Twitter. Now, you like tech, you like finding new and esoteric websites and you have some time to kill. Thus, it is my job to find a way to intrigue you about what we do.

Other techniques are things like User Testing where I watch what you respond to on our website. You can essentially see what people like and by knowing your users more you can empathize better.


Use your social network! A great way to talk to people is through your network. Say you are a designer wanting more work then get Dribbling and be a Devian Artist to get people talking about your work. Then hit the business groups and talk to people who are bored with their logo and need something special. “I understand you need something to really give your business that spark, well I can do that!”

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Say you sell power tools online, start thinking about what problems tradesman has. Do they need a way of getting that missing part quickly delivered to the site so they don`t miss their deadline? What id they are not sure about what type of screw to use will they need advice? They can`t afford a new drill so can they re-furbish their existing one?

ACTION: List your customers and then their needs and possible problems. Once you have your user personas then list how you can meet their needs. This list is then what you need to get implemented in your website. Start with the simple changes first!.

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Find the buttons to press with people that makes them go “actually, yeah!”.

ACTION: Talk to your customers and find out what they want, what they expect from a website and the kind of solution that they want.



So you like our content, as a big part of online marketing is writing quality unique content. Now I need to get you interested in what we do. We do this by putting clues into all the content we write. Well you can see from the URL what we are called Web Courses Bangkok, so we teach web design, graphics etc. Now this post is all about answering a question and we have the answer and hopefully you will want to learn more and take one of our online marketing classes.

inspector gadgetSo for you, think of how you can entice people in what you do and give them clues to this within everything you do.

One successful marketing idea we had was to show old vs. new website. A lot of businesses owners have websites they are not happy with so we showed them how our courses help them take control of their site as well as vastly improve it! This worked so well because it was so visual and intrigued them they can improve their website now.

ACTION: Show them the benefits not the features of your product or service. The enticement comes from e.g. “wow that person smiling because they got the right power tool deliver direct the site in day so they can finish the job.” Using a before and after was a powerful tool for us, so why not your customers? Come up with ways in which you can show improve your customer’s life and visualize that for them.


i love this stick

At the end of the day you need them to click buy, sign-up, send or share (to name a few calls to action). To do this we need them fully loaded with excitement so they are literally breaking their mice or touch pad to take the next step.

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So we know our users wants and desires through empathy, we have enticed them with promises of how we can help their current situation become much better so we are ready to get them excited about taking the next step.

We can do this with a couple of these ideas:

  • Discounts for signing up today
  • Buy one get one free
  • It only taking a few quick minutes to sign up
  • All your information is safe with us
  • You can sign in with Facebook so no need to remember yet another password
  • It’s a trial which you can stop anytime by clicking this easy to find button
  • Share with your friends and get ….. free

These nudges will help them not only complete your call to action but feel good about it!

ACTION: Start by thinking what you can give extra to your customers at no extra cost to you. Move onto finding ways you can give them extra if they take action quickly. List ways you can reward loyal customers and give them reasons to be loyal in the first place!


I enjoy marketing, our team love writing new content and we are proud of our service. This is the core of Online Marketing and the above comes second. Having a good product or service breathes life into how you empathize with your customers, gives you ammunition to entice and gives you the power to excite.

Be unique, be relevant, be consistent and be different.

Take Your Online Marketing to the Next Step


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Web Courses run customized Online Marketing courses idea for website owners to get the most out of their site. We work with you to learn how we can learn more about your users and bring many more. We provide you with the skills to entice your users better with clean design ideas, useful functionality and relevant marketing ideas. Lastly we can teach you how to excite your users with some fresh ideas.

At the end of one of our online marketing courses your head will be full of exciting ideas on how to take your online marketing to the next level.

Click here to see our Online Marketing course details and sign-up today and get a free hour!

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