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For questions about your career, project or what are the best skills to learn then senior instructor Carl is your best choice. For booking and scheduling Taya will be the best person to help and for Thai enquiries Nat will be the best person to speak to.

What is the best type of course for me?

Choosing a course is hard! There are so many options so here are some easy ways to know what type of course to choose. We took some of the most popular questions and look to see which you are asking:

Sarah, UK, Entrepreneur

“I want to be able to create a website for my own business.”

Best choice:
Alternative choice:
Arvin, Germany, Graduate

“I want to be able to edit photos and create brand designs”

Best choice
Alternative choice:
Alternative choice 2:
Lesley, UK, Expat wife

“I want to start a new carreer so I can travel with my family”

Best choice
Alternative choice: