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Accessibility for UX/UI teams

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We can’t wait to see you at the event. Now we are only a small venue so we limit the numbers to make sure we all fit in. Please pre-register in the form below and we look forward to seeing you.

About this event

1/5 of the world population has a disability and struggle to have access to the same services and products as people without disabilities have. Sometimes, the copywriters, designers, and developers are creating barriers for those people, by having the aesthetic factor in their mind, rather than accessibility. At this meetup we will be discussing about practical ways to make your products more accessible.

Join us as we discuss the tools, processes and practical ways to make your apps and websites fully accessible. We will also go over user-led design thinking, the user’s journey with your project and analyzing user tasks, journeys, and stories that can help us to make our products reach out to a greater audience.

Who are the speakers?

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Senior teacher from the UK who takes you through the first introduction and then the digital marketing and professional freelancing modules.

22 years experience and worked with companies like:

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Web development instructor helping students bring their ideas to life using the right tools and platforms.

11 years experience in building logical and user-friendly functionality in websites.

Why should I attend?

Fun and engaging

Our events are not only filled with knowledge but also with fun and engaging tasks for you to take part in so you can learn it by experiencing and not from mere words. Learning should be fun and not endured!

Relevant and useful

Our speakers and guest speakers, who are industry experts, talk about implementing current and upcoming changes, trends, and how to progress in today’s modern industry.

Create purposeful connections

Community is very important to us. At our events, you’ll get to meet a variety of knowledgeable people which can result in potential learning and working opportunities.

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