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How To Auto Post From WordPress To Facebook

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Auto Post From WordPress To Facebook
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Today, it is easy to use a plugin that can automate that process, saving you precious time that can be used to create more stunning content for your fans and followers. If you have not yet experienced the magic of auto-post, you are about to find out the best Facebook auto post plugins and tools that allow you to auto post from WordPress, and do much more than you have ever imagined!

FS Poster

“FS Poster is the best WordPress Social Media plugin when it comes to auto-posting from WordPress to Facebook. By adding your Facebook social network accounts into the plugin you can start easily post your custom posts, images, videos, blog posts and even WooCommerce products to Facebook.” The advantage is that there is no limit for the number of accounts and logs, which simplifies the process for users twice. The plugin is not limited to Facebook as there are 14 other popular social networks that are integrated into it. You are not only able to auto-post your posts, but also schedule them for a later time that better goes with your audience. With customizable post URLs, you will avoid canonical issues and have each separate URL for your different posts. So, If you are looking for a WordPress Social Auto Poster plugin which promises a lifetime license along with 24/7 outstanding customer support then FS Poster is absolutely for you for only 45$.

Nelio Content

Nelio Content is a native WordPress plugin that makes promoting, creating, and scheduling the content of your blog on Facebook (Google+ and Instagram among others) a quick and smooth process. This Facebook auto post plugin also saves you tons of time as it will help you focus on the content that works best. Check out some of its other cool features:
  • Editorial Calendar: This is a powerful tool that offers a unified view of all your content. Yes, tasks, social messages, posts, etc. Creating new content or rescheduling your posts and social messages only entail a simply drag and drop process.
  • Social Networks: Once you’ve finished writing a post, it’s time to give the promotion it deserves. With this plugin, you will be able to share your post on Facebook and other social media platforms with exceptional ease. Less time needed for social, means more time for coffee.
  • Analytics: You can use this to measure the performance of your posts and discover which one is the best. What’s more, this plugin integrates seamlessly with the relevant metrics from your social media accounts, allowing you to re-promote any content easily.
Official site:Neliosoftware.com

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

facebook auto post plugins NextScripts’ wonderful Social Networks Auto-Poster plugin automates the process of posting stuff on your social media platforms. You can get things with a snap of your fingers. The cool thing about finishing writing a post is that it will transform into a nicely formatted announcement and backlinks will be published to all your configured social networks. Oh yes, your messages are 100% customizable and will reach your friends, readers, and most loyal followers about your awesome new post. While you wait for Version 4 to hit the shores, here are some of this Facebook auto post plugins free and professional features:
  • Tags/Categories automatically posted as Hashtags
  • Additional URL parameters
  • Custom URLs for AutoPosts
  • Import and export plugin settings
  • “Spin” feature for message post templates
Find this plugin here:NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Buffer Connector – HYPESocial

facebook auto post plugins When you use Buffer Connector, you can connect your WordPress site to the Buffer app with ease. Once done, you can get started sharing and re-sharing both new and old custom posts, pages, and post to all major social media networks, Facebook included, from your own dashboard. What’s more, the plugin comes with a PRO version. It has excellent features such as URL shortener service providers, custom post types support, personal message customization, custom scheduling, and more. There are many reasons why busy site owners choose to upgrade to HYPESocial – Buffer PRO. They found that Facebook auto post plugins such as this one allows them to generate more traffic to their website in a hassle-free manner, makes sharing/managing/scheduling updates extremely easy, and even improve their site’s SEO because the backlinks. Find this plugin here: Buffer Connector – HYPESocial [text-blocks id=”59315″]


facebook auto post plugins Although not a native WordPress plugin, Hootsuite is a widely-used tool that allows users to manage all their social media in one place. Whether you are in-charge of serving customers or finding prospects, Hootsuite is designed to help you do more with your social media. Want to improve your brand’s reputation on social? With Hootsuite, you can track all incoming and outgoing messages and mentions. You will be able to use the plugin’s robust message permissions and approvals workflows to reduce internal risks. What’s more, there are profile access controls that guard against external threats such as hackers. Next, Hootsuite makes measuring one’s social ROI extremely easy. Its real-time analytics features allow you to spot trends as they develop and gain invaluable insights on how your social content is performing. All in all, you will use less time to do more for your social via Hootsuite. Official site: Hootsuite.com

OnlyWire for WordPress

facebook auto post plugins Used by social media professionals, OnlyWire for WordPress is one of the more powerful Facebook auto post plugins that picks up your post and automatically submit it to all the social media networks you have set up with it. Launching and running social media campaigns through your own WordPress site has never been so easy. So what’s in it for you? Well, check out their Bookmark & Share tool. You can use it to add a cool Share button on your WordPress site. From there, you can select the mouse-over effects, fonts, background colors, and even the size of icons. Once you have saved the perfect button, it will appear under each of your blog posts. Official site: Onlywire.com


facebook auto post plugins Jetpack is considered the mother of all plug-ins by many expert bloggers. Why? For starters, there are plenty of features that are designed to improve the user’s ability to distribute and publicize your content to multiple channels at once. What’s more, the plugin’s dashboard is easy to understand from the get-go. If you’ve already downloaded Jetpack, make sure you try out its Enhanced Distribution feature. This feature automatically pings major search engines such as Google and Bing. It lets them know that you have the ultimate content that has been fully prepared to be indexed. Is this plugin WordPress-oriented? Yes, the same guys who developed WordPress wrote it! So, go ahead and start auto-posting without worry!  Find this plugin here:Jetpack by WordPress.com

WP Auto Share Post

WP’s Auto Share Post is another must-try plugin as it automatically distributes your content to various social networks, Facebook included. This plugin really takes auto-posting to another level as it can fetch all posted comments associated with your auto-shared blog posts. However, make sure you have Wp-cron for that to work. Another great thing about the plugin is that it doesn’t rely on RSS feed. If you are having problems with your RSS feed, your Facebook page will still be updated regularly without a hitch. To start using this plugin, you need to develop an app via Facebook (just follow the on-screen instructions) and link it to Auto Share Post.


facebook auto post plugins Buffer has more than three million users and proves that it provides the better way to share on social media. If you are looking for Facebook auto post plugins that allow you to get the most out of each post, Buffer is the answer. You will be able to schedule and share your content at the best possible times throughout the day. This way, it is unlikely for your followers and fans to miss your posts. Next, posting to all of your social networks is easy. When you add content, you just need to select which of your social accounts you want to post to. You can even add context by customizing each account – you can easily achieve the perfect size and format, typography, and font sizes for your Facebook account. Well, thanks to browser extensions and mobile apps, you can also schedule your posts on the go; saving time and getting more work done from anywhere and at any time. Official site: Buffer.com

AccessPress Social AutoPost

facebook auto post plugins If you are looking for PRO plugins that automate posting to social media networks, AccessPress Social AutoPost is not to be missed. This plugin also allows you link up with an unlimited amount of Facebook accounts. Next, you can spread your content widely, increase fan base, make your content viral in a few easy steps. In fact, it’s all about defining your content; you just need to configure which content you’d like to auto post. After that, you can sit back and relax as every new content will be automatically posted on your selected social media platform. Find this plugin here:AccessPress Social Auto Post


facebook auto post plugins Juicer is a powerful plugin and service that shows all your social media posts in the form of a beautiful feed. When you open it up, you just need to enter in the name of your social media accounts. Juicer then pulls the posts from these feeds and embeds them into your social media pages via a simple shortcode. Whenever you create posts for your social media accounts such as your Facebook account, Juicer will be there to automatically update these feeds. As far as Facebook auto post plugins go, this is one of our favorites. Here’s a quick look at the awesome features it provides:
  • Custom CSS allows you to style it to fit your WordPress site
  • Loading more content via scrolling is possible with its Infinite Scroll feature
  • You will be able to remove and moderate social media posts with a single click
Official site: www.juicer.io. As you can see, there are so many Facebook auto post plugins and third-party apps you can use to automate the process of sharing your blog posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. Whether you want to save time or you simply want to feel and look tech-savvy, you definitely should give some of these creations a try today! Want to learn more about social media marketing? come and attend our Online & Social Media Marketing Workshop conducted by our experienced instructors.  
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