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Facebook Introduces New Business Manager

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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As if the amount of changes Facebook has gone through isn’t enough, now there is a new feature that will prove to show the power of the social networking sites potential.As if the amount of changes Facebook has gone through isn’t enough, now there is a new feature that will prove to show the power of the social networking sites potential.

business manager interface

What does it do?

Facebook’s new Business Manager option is a cool option that takes connecting with business contacts just a step further. This new addition to the social media platform designed to assist with marketing campaigns, gives users the ability to connect with business contacts and actually assigns roles to people who are actively involved in campaigns. It also allows marketers to add or delete accounts of companies as they see fit. The concept of Business Manager is to allow marketing agencies and their clients to share campaign materials and information.

So if you are an agency needing to manage more than one clients Facebook activity, this is great news for you my friend.

You’ve probably seen in your travels something that looks somewhat familiar. Networking sites like Linked-In have been a useful business tool, allowing people to connect with other companies and individuals with like minded interests. In a way, Facebook’s Business Manager is somewhat similar. However, there are some distinct differences. As you may know by now, there are quite a few options available throughout Facebook. This platform, initially created to connect friends and family, has branched out to becoming the most popular social networking site in the world.

The works:
the works of facebook manager


As of this writing Facebook has a total of 900,000,000 unique visitors monthly. The ability to connect with so many on a single platform has made this site the most popular in the world to connect with others. Take a look at Facebook’s ranking currently as well as others that follow

But…..In all honesty…..

It really was just a matter of time before an addition like Facebook’s Business Manager would make it’s debut. The difference with this feature is it’s ability to manage all of your pages in one place, on one platform. Don’t be overwhelmed! You can manage all of your apps, ads and pages without sharing any login information.

interface facebook for business

Additionally, this option will save time, there’s no question about it. The desired result of Facebook’s Business Manager is to help you setup and manage your business quicker and more effectively. Another benefit? You can see exactly who has checked out your pages and delete or approve instantly. While there is no distinct pricing plan available for Business Manager as of yet, the option for a sales representative to contact you will be available soon.

What can it do for you?

business manager facebook


This new feature on Facebook is designed to help business owners succeed, plain and simple. Undoubtedly, big ad agency companies will find Business Manager to be a welcome addition to their marketing campaigns.

Marketing through social media sites like Facebook have long replaced old traditional methods which in all honesty could be quite taxing. While some companies still use these older methods like billboards to human billboard spinners, social media helps companies spread the word easily and instantly.

Can small business play the game?

So, this brings us to the question. Is the new Facebook Business Manager going to be useful to small businesses? The answer. Absolutely, it will! In fact, while it’s yet to be seen how small business owners will benefit, it’s apparent this new feature is going to cause some huge fanfare.

But right now it looks like it’s just for the big boys…

Larger companies are not exclusive, not at all. Small companies like mom and pop establishments are going to see their revenue climb, that is if they take advantage of Facebook’s business tool. While it would be beneficial to understand online social marketing, with the new Business Manager, the process is made simple.

Understanding the new Facebook business manager:

all in one basket with facebook manager


To understand the impact a new social media tool like Facebook’s Business Manager can provide, we only have to look at how other social media sites have help others succeed. There’s strength in numbers and Facebook’s has the ability to connect with millions if not billions of business minded people.

It’s somewhat of a surprise that the new Business Manager wasn’t unveiled long ago. Perhaps the media mogul figured it’s time to get the ball rolling. Admittedly, this blog only touches first base on how Facebook’s new feature works. There’s much more to tell and the coming months are sure to bring us some new found information. However, for now the fire is spreading with the recent announcement and seems to be positive news.

To Conclude:

Currently, the Business Manager is only available to a limited amount of U.S. advertisers until further notice, so be sure to check for updates. We are sure to see that change as the weeks progress. To check out some additional information on this new Facebook feature designed to help small businesses as well as those on a larger scale be sure to check out this link.

Some related tweets from the community and their reaction:

Furthermore, for an introduction to this new Facebook tool and some answers to frequently asked questions, see this link.

Finally, here’s facebook’s own facebook page on everything related to doing business on the social platform. Make sure you follow the posts as they are turning more and more to the business manager tool.

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