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How to Boost Your Organic Reach on Facebook Without Paying For It

Author: Michael Jones
He specializes in helping students with social media branding, marketing strategy and content creation. - See more at: Online Marketing Courses
facebook organic reach
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With the recent changes to the Facebook algorithm, they have made it difficult to get your posts in front of your audience. It’s true that Facebook organic reach is getting more difficult to attain. In fact, only 1-3 percent of your audience actually sees what you post!

This is Facebook’s way of cracking down on spam and differentiating the good content from the bad. They want to stay away from flooding your news feed with content just because it has a certain amount of likes, shares or comments.

They want to ensure that the most relevant content gets in front of the right person. Thus, helping your business to create leads, increase your following and sales.

Facebook Organic Reach

Since Facebook knows everything about us. They’ve monetized their knowledge and switched from being the “go-to place for organic reach” to a paid marketing platform that recommends you use paid ads to reach the people who like your page.

In essence, they are charging you for you to distribute to your fans news feeds.

So, what does this mean for businesses that don’t have the budget to pay to be seen? Many business owners have approached us at WCB to learn social media techniques to effectively boost their organic reach on

Many business owners have approached us at WCB to learn social media marketing techniques to effectively boost their organic reach on Facebook page without spending a dime.  Follow these steps and watch your content spread like wildfire.

How To Boost Your Organic Reach On Facebook Without Paying For It?

Facebook Organic Reach

1) Ask fans and following to receive notifications

 Have you asked your fans to turn on Get Notifications on your Facebook page? If not, then you definitely should. This is an organic way to get more engagement when posting.

Simply ask your audience, “Want to receive our amazing content before anyone else? If so, follow these two easy steps.”

1) Click friends or like this page, if you haven’t already

2) From the drop-down menu. Select the Get Notifications option.

Facebook Organic Reach

“Now you’re all set. Get ready for our awesome posts!”

This simple and effective method ensures that your audience will receive a notification on their personal profile each time your page posts on Facebook.

TIP: Post With Caution

Since your audience will receive notifications every time you post. Make sure you don’t over post. This can be very annoying to your and cause them to “unlike” or turn off notifications from your page.  

2) Post evergreen content

Most social media marketing courses teach the importance of creating evergreen content and how it can differentiate you from your competitors.

But remember, when you create evergreen (content that is always fresh and relevant) content that speaks to your core audience. More people will naturally tune in and engage more.

Examples of Evergreen content:

  • “How to” guides (ex: How to engage with your social media audience)
  • Tutorials (ex: Tutorial on how to design websites in Photoshop)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (ex: Will social media work for my business?)

Tip: Social Tip

Make sure all your content is aligned with your brand. So, when creating content ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?” “How can I help others with my content?” Also, include images and videos. This increases the possibilities that your content will be viewed and shared more.

Facebook Organic Reach

3) Post at Off-Peak Hours

When you post when fewer people are sharing. This greatly increases your chances of getting a higher, more organic reach. Posting around 3 or 4pm yields this window of opportunity.

This is the afternoon slump time. Less people are posting and more people are looking for inspiration to make it through those last hour(s) at work. This time frame also yields a higher click thru rate as well.

Facebook Organic Reach

4) Jump on Trending Topics

Find out what people are talking about (appears on the right side of your Newsfeed) on Facebook and join in.

These trending topics communities are full of content thirsty and opinionated users. Get in there, talk, engage and share. You will be surprised how many eyes will find your content and news you will create.

You can also find trending topics by following Buzzfeed.com, Google Trends and Reddit.com

**Make sure the trending topics are relevant to your business and brand**

Facebook Organic Reach

5) Post on Weekends

Most people catch up with what’s going on with friends and family on Facebook on the weekends. This is the opportune time to capture your audience because few brands post on weekends, so less competition!

Be sure to post more lifestyle friendly content: entertainment, things to do and DIY.

Facebook Organic Reach

6) Post FB Updates on Your Blog

Chances are subscribers to your blog are not following you on Facebook. Posting relevant updates is a great way to introduce followers of your blog to your FB community.

You simply just add the embed code from your post. This is done by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the post. Copy the embed code and post to your blog. This is a great way to increase awareness and gain more followers.

7) Go Live

Want to create a personal connection with you audience and boost your organic reach? Then Go LIVE!

Facebook Live is an exciting way to communicate to your audience. It encourages interaction and gives your audience a sense of “being there.”

Social media lessons should educate students about the power of this new Facebook feature. If you follow these simple high converting steps. You too can create a live-stream that is engaging to your followers and builds the like, know and trust factor with ease.

Facebook research has found that people comment 10 times more during a live broadcast than regular video posts. Also, people spend over 300% more time watching and engaging on Facebook Live than written or video posts.

Since Facebook gives priority to video. These broadcasts rank higher on newsfeeds giving you more of an organic reach. Give your newsfeed a boost by using live content.

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8)  Add value to your FB community

Stop selling and provide more information to increase your facebook organic reach. No one wants to be constantly sold to. Give your fans information that speaks to their pain points. The reason they started following you in the first place.

You page should give the following information:

  • Tips and How to’s
  • Live Q&A
  • FREE Giveaways

Facebook Organic Reach

9) Upload your video content directly to Facebook

 Facebook loves video. They show priority over video than any other type of content (written or images) and it also ranks higher on newsfeeds. This is great for your Facebook organic reach. Facebook announced that over 500 million people are watching videos… DAILY!

Don’t post your video link to anymore. Upload your videos directly to Facebook.

1) Click Photo/Video at top of your timeline

2) Click Upload Photos/Videos

3) Title your Video and add video tags (helps with search engine optimization)

4) Add a Custom Thumbnail (this is optional)

5) Click Publish

Another wonderful feature when you upload directly to Facebook is the video auto-play. The video will automatically play in the timeline thus catching your audience’s eye. Making them click on your video and watch.

10) Let your audience fills in the blanks

It may sound silly but clever fill-in-the-blanks posts allow your audience to share their personality and creativity while having fun. It’s interactive and encourages audience engagement. A simple fill-in-the-blank post can generate a lot of likes, shares, and comments.

The Skinny

Only 1-3% of people see your posts. Follow these steps to increase your Facebook organic reach.

  • Create killer, evergreen content that resonates with your audience. Don’t forget to address their pain points and give solutions.
  • Always ask new and old fans to get notifications. This will ensure they see posts, which will increase your reach.
  • Post on less competitive times.
  • Go Live to increase engagement and reach

The key to really optimizing your page is all about building relations and staying up with the latest social media trends. Provide your audience with helpful tips in an eye-catching format (images, video, live stream, etc.) will keep them coming back.

Find your business blend of personality and content and you will see your Facebook organic reach rise.

Facebook Organic Reach

Want to learn social media skills to boost your business?

Check out our Social Media Marketing course. We will show you how to expand your Facebook organic reach so you can get the most our of your online marketing.




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