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Three Fantastic Fanpages for Bangkok IT Geeks

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Arriving in Bangkok whilst amazing vibrant and exciting, it can become a little daunting. All those moments you long to satisfy food cravings for that just like home taste, looking for the true thai food experience or just looking to make some new friends and meet others with similar interest. The world of Facebook groups and fan pages are great place to start your search. You really never know what you might find.

BKK Web Meetup


…..connect with other IT geeks

Web Design, UX Design & Web Development Meetup Group. This really is a great place to start searching for your web tech needs. Looking for anyone from graphic designers to SEO experts?

At time of positing the devilish 666 members create lots of activity on this fan page.  Posts range from the highly technical to computer related items for sale. Many of the fans contribute tutorials, which are great for those looking to keep up to date with current trends and developments in the world of web. At first glance it may seem the wrong place to be if you don’t know your front end from your back end in website terms. Reassuringly for web beginners or those looking to meet like minded people in the web field you will find lots of social events posts for you to meet people to discuss ideas and learn. Click here for more IT meet up events.

Webcoursesbangkok can be found posting on here regularly.




…….bringing the city closer

Ok I’ll admit it, I’m desperately seeking something Bangkok. As you type this in your Facebook search ,bar you can be forgiven for expecting a dating site to appear. What actually appears in your browser is probably my favourite place to search for apartments, jobs, products and services in Bangkok .

What really makes this fan page so useful is with over 9000 members chances are if you are looking or offering for even the most obscure items you will likely be greeted with numerous advice and suggestions.  A post looking for a adult bear costume in most places would be greeted with a smile and a not much else. But before you can even say “why the big paws?” (sorry terrible joke) members have suggested fancy dress shops in multiple locations and even some direct links to websites.

A lot of people use this group for finding advice on things from VISAs, to finding a place to live and they watch the comments role as soon as any mention restaurants!

I don’t really think you can go wrong with this fan page and I have yet to see a post remain unanswered. Even I found accommodation using this page.


BKK Expats


…..all about the expat

Find yourself confused by the mind boggling visa system or just want to know the best way to post home the birthday present you were two weeks late in buying. Over 10,000 members give you a great place to learn about of Bangkok life as an expat.

A wealth of post’s ranging from live entertainment events, visa questions and nightlife throughout Bangkok. Even just as a place to hear about places to eat, drink and meet up with others this should really get you started with meeting other Expats. The restaurant pictures posted will probably leave you feeling hungry and other posts leaving you wondering if you really just read about the cost of hamster flights.


What Can We Learn From These Pages?

  • Keep it fresh and relevant
  • Keep out the spammers
  • Monitor your pages and keep things positive

The key to a successful fanpage boils down a good community spirit focused on useful and relevant information

Have We Missed Anything?

Do you have a fanpage that deserves a mention? Please comment below and we will be glad to update the post.

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