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Friday’s inspiration session 9th May

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Another week and another round of awesomely fresh inspiration from our team. We work together, we learn together, here’s what we came up with this week

Ryan’s Pics


CSS buttons made easy:

Layerstyles is an online tool that allows you to make boxes using photoshop style effects, which it then converts into css code which you can then copy and use on your website. i really like this tool because it allows you to quickly and easily create very attractive looking buttons and boxes to use on your site.

Must love the guides:

photoshop extension guide guide
  Guideguideis a photoshop extension that allows you to add guides to your photoshop projects which proves extremely useful for designers in a program like photoshop which doesn’t have any real function for aligning your work like illustrator and InDesign do.

What Carl showed us


e-book covers for 5$:

picture of fivver service creating e-book cover

I think this would be a great way of promoting our new e-book. Using fivrr is an awesome way of adding a little snazzyness to your content for just $5.

Creating a responsive website:

creating a responsive ebsite
Inspiring content from Google about creating a responsive website. I like how they explain it and it is nice and simple to follow. We can use this for extra reading for our students who are learning web design with us.

Free e-books for web designers:

picture-ebooks -for-web-designers

Some great e-books to read here and inspiring for making our own e-book which will be launching soon. I love the design and the simplicity of the books and you can see how they pulled together their day to day content, making them not so much of a strain on the content writers.

Mr. Sighs ideas

Hacker School:

hacker school picture
This is a free school in New York, the concept is the instructor and sit together and work on a projects, there is no grade system. Here they try to make all the student feel equals. The teacher also gets to learn some thing new everyday.

10 very useful Photoshop plugins:

picture of article 10 great photoshop plugins
This is some useful plugin for photoshop, some is free and some are paid. The list does have some interesting choices, like Blendme.in this plugin allows us to browse SVG vector through photoshop and its available for illustrator also.


picture of cloak app
This is a new app that keeps our personal information safe from the social media. So when we sign up we do not have to give in our personal information

Matias’ things


The pattern gallery.. Oh yea!

Amazing designs and patterns for all your web design needs! I don’t think I even need to explain how and why this website is so inspirational. Great design, great art, amazing website!

Search for pictures on Flicker:


Lander, landing pages for the masses:

Landing pages are becoming more and more important in all our online marketing needs. People need them and business’ need them, Lander has come up with the great service of creation and  customisation of landing pages for everyone.

It works with effective templates that can be adapted specifically to a particular business’ needs, this type of arrangement is the perfect mixture of speed and professional looking landing pages. The service allows for quick fix-ups and adaptations without loosing the polished touch. You can even take a free tour, if you being buried under the work that it takes to create an efficient landing page you should try it!

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