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Friday’s inspiration session May 2nd

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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As we normally do the last day before the weekend, we like to leave with something useful for the mind. We have kind f made it our own little thing to bring some cool stuff we might come across on the web.

As we normally do the last day before the weekend, we like to leave with something useful for the mind. We have kind f made it our own little thing to bring some cool stuff we might come across on the web.

By sharing we teach each-other, and hopefully get to interest you in the process!

Here’s what the team came up with for May the 2nd:

From Carl:


Minimal Rock:


  • Why it is inspiring: I love how they have taken something we all know and made it simple and the design is wonderfully minimal.
  • How it can be used: is if we have complex ideas or names for something for a client we can use iconography like this to add design to terminology.


Chilling when are working with Noisly:


  • Why it is inspiring : one is the design of the site and how it works and two is that it allows you to create an atmosphere for working / learning without running around Youtube all day
  • How it can be used : could record it for a project or even just put it on while you work to help you concentrate better.

What Andrew showed us:

Visual Animals:

design on we are visual animals


 This is a curated online showcase of some awesome artists, illustrators, and designers. Updated frequently, the site is a great way to get some new visual ideas. It is simple to quickly scroll through the work, clicking on artists who interest you to find out more.

The source:


the source interviews


This is an interesting collection of really well done video interviews with various creative people- from musicians, to painters, to actors. It’s great to hear all of their points of view on the creative process, work, and life. Also, the website is designed in such a way that you can scroll through by interview, or skip around following various patterns and themes within the interviews.


Check my Links please:

fix my links application


On a quick practical note, as a web designer making sure that all of the links on a page function is very important. Dead or broken links are annoying and unprofessional. This Google Chrome app will crawl your page and check all of the links, identifying any broken ones. A simple tool, but really useful.

Singh’s Pics:


A Guide to optimising Photoshop on Mac



Why is it inspiring? Its always good to see the community keeps giving back trying to keeps us informed and efficient during our work.

How can it be used? This tutorial tells how to setup Photoshop to our workflow and helps photoshop to give it best performance. For the scree shot please check the attachment.

10 Web apps Apps Every Web Designer Should Know Of


From this list I am already using some of the apps but it has also given real good recommendation which is not known to me like

Tiny PNG


tiny png


This app helps us to reduce the size of PNG with out reducing the quality of the image.




Its certainly inspiring to see the power developers are receiving from online services such as this one. As a developer myself, it has been extremely useful and effective tool.

This web app allow us to build an online form, it also build database for us.





Its great to see software developers keep pushing the boundries of free software. Its always inspiring to see people’s increasing freedom to chose useful tools

This is an online Photo editor app. With this app you can do simple editing with out need of Photoshop or any other big or expensive program


Matias’ Choices:

The Big Picture:

the big picture story telling and photographs


I fancy myself a bit of a writer and a photographer, thus, there really isn’t a more inspirational website for me.

The Big Picture brings you amazing stories piled with amazing pictures every single week, its truly one of my favourite websites and one day I hope to learn to tell stories just like they do.


search engine with taste niice
With a tagline like “a search engine with taste” nice is a great place to find random moments of brilliant inspiration, just type a possibly relevant key word to your project and see if destiny is ready top provide you with a great idea, I mean, check out what she gives me when I search for “awesome”:
See that?? eagle wings, bears and lasers!!! if that not awesome I don’t know what it is.

Thank you Niice!


And with that another great week draw to and end! It was a great thing to see the diversity of resources each of us shared in the hope of  inspiring each-other.

If you would like to see the rest of our inspirations sessions you can head our articles our check out our upcoming courses.

See you next week for another awesome round of inspiration…Get inspired, get learning!


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