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Friday's inspiration session

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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It has been quite busy these past few weeks, lots of projects and lots of teaching to do… but we weren’t going to let that get between us and our inspiration session!

It has been quite busy these past few weeks, lots of projects and lots of teaching to do… but we weren’t going to let that get between us and our inspiration session!

Here’s what we have shown each other this week in order to keep or muse levels up:

Singh gets technical:

This Friday I have two interesting CMS (Content Management System… yes i warned you it might be boring!), if you are looking an alternative to WordPress its should be interesting to have a look at these:


bolt cms interface


Bolt not only has the options for Post and Pages it also gives you the options of creating “Custom Posts Type” the easy way. This is an upcoming community so the support is a bit less, though yoou can feel their enthusiasm



pico light-weight cms


This is another CMS engine but compare to WordPress and other CMS out in the market this is just a FLAT FILE CMS, this means there is no user UI all the editing has to be done on File manager or Text Editor.

And for an educative look at developer tools, lets consider the following website I found:

Comparison Bootstrap vs Foundation

comparison foundation and bootstrap


I found the website which compares the pros and cons of Bootstrap and Foundation, both of which we use to develope awesome responsive website. This list will provide a better idea for those who are deciding on what to use for their projects.

What has Matias found for us?

Forms have become an very common occurrence in my job, it’s very nice to see the community coming up with great creative ideas of how to improve them!


type form webpage

An online tool that allows for the creation of very useful and well designed form. They come with a huge repertoire of functional assets, they offer many drop down menus, icons, interactive choices… it’s truly an amazing tool.


WTF Forms

wtf forms css and html code

This one is a bit more technical but it provides a lot more freedom to the developer. You will need to know a little bit of coding before you can go about using all these awesome bits of code, but hey! Absolute creative freedom does come at a price right?


Let me introduce to you…. oozled.com!



This next website is something I have just discovered, it offers curated resources for the creatives. You can browse through hundreds of extremely diverse range of resources, all organised according to your needs, whether you are looking for a good photoshop tutorial or searching for the best way to become a successful freelancer, this is the place to find-out about it.

When it was Ryan’s turn:

2014 Best Logo Design

best logo design


“This site shows some really cool logos, if you would like to create a logo for your self this site can really inspires you.”

logo trends 2014



From the list I really like Oryxland logo its interesting how the designer created Oryxland using geometrical shape and the “Form Farm creative Africa” is interesting how the Africa continent is used as a leopard sports.


Responsive Image

responsive image article by smashing magazine


I came across an article on smashing magazine on how you can use tag to have the image responsive on all screen size. Something that indeed will come very useful on the daily basis!

Another week comes to and end.

With that we leave you, hope some kind of musing energy has risen within your soul after witnessing some of the little things we show each other in order to remain inspired….

In the case you are wondering what it takes to begin the journey into creative pastures, don’t forget to check out our upcoming courses. Who knows, maybe theres a web master or a graphic designer within you waiting to be discovered?

Learn, express yourself and never stop seeking your muse…

Until the next session, bye!

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