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Friday’s Inspiration Week #11

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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This is the eleven week of Friday’s Inspiration. This week we take a look of the best websites of the week from Css Design Awards and The Best Designs.


Css Design Awards

By Block Level

Block Level is Dutch company specializing in digital campaigns for the web.

This Winner Awards website is nice and simple, with a new fashionable flat design, very interactive and colorful, to give the website visitor a nice experience.

It’s a shame it’s only in Dutch.

home aboutcontact


Le Goff & Gabarra is a French design company.

It is a fantastic and beautiful website, very interactive, nice colors and great quality pictures. It is also an Award winner website. It is a good example if you are looking for inspiration.

Is also in French and English.

homeabout contact

By M2Film 

Based in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Bangkok, M2Film designs projects for advertising, film and TV industry, collaborating with award winning commercials.

The website is very interactive, with nice pictures and animations, looks very techno and modern.

homeabout contact

The Best Design

By Exponent PR 

Exponent PR is a modern Public Relationship company, building connections through belief in your brand.

The website is very interactive. A modern PR company should have a website like this.

homeabout contact

By Makers Quarter 

Located in San Diego, USA.

The website is very colorful, nice quality pictures and very easy to navigate.

Quite difficult to understand what Makers Quarter do if you don’t live in San Diego.

So the content is not so great.

home aboutcontact

By Mooi Design

Mooi Design is a German company, specializing in create all type of objects and designs.

The website is very clean and easy to surf around, simple colors and simple navigation bar.

It’s a shame it’s only in German.


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