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Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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From Slovakia to Peru, drug driving to CGI, here is a sampling of some of the notable websites from the latest CSS Design Awards.  Arranged here in no particular order, they’re all worth checking out.  You may just find some inspiration.

From Slovakia to Peru, drug driving to CGI, here is a sampling of some of the notable websites from the latest CSS Design Awards.  Arranged here in no particular order, they’re all worth checking out.  You may just find some inspiration.


Jacob Gode

The website of Jakub Gode offers an impressive showcase for the work of this Slovakian designer.  Largely devoid of superfluous graphics, the site simply and boldly displays beautiful CGI work in video, animation, and still advertising; the images falling somewhere between art and design.

Click on any of the projects and a detailed overview of the work appears on a full size page.  By scrolling down you can see the progression of the project from initial drawings to fully textured completion.  At the bottom of each page is a nifty graphic that applies and removes layers of the drawing for a kind of time lapse effect.

The website keeps text to a minimum, allowing the images to speak for themselves.  Unfortunately the site is not responsive, but really, the work is best viewed on a larger screen anyway.



The Drugalyser

This one-size-only, interactive website exists to provide information about, and a warning against driving under the influence of various illegal substances.  Creator Evans Halshaw’s entertaining site announces the coming of the drugalyser to law enforcement.  While details of said device are not provided, I assume that it operates in a similar manner to the breathalyzer.  Halshaw also fails to note the precincts where the drugalyser might appear.

Upon entering the site, simply follow the instructions to simulate the effects of various drugs- cannabis, cocaine, or LSD.  After your selection, an image of a dashboard and the roadway ahead sways, flickers, and swims to approximate the corresponding drugged out sensation.  If this is a bit too nauseating, click on the brain icon in the upper right to read about the drug’s specific effects to your gray matter’s chemistry.  Sort of a one trick pony, the website is easy to explore simply because there is not much there.


The Ox

This very cool Peruvian website offers a great community platform for creativity.  Founded with the simple purpose of kick-starting creativity, The Ox allows anyone to show off their art and design skills in tee shirt form.

The way it works is, a theme is introduced and a deadline is set.  Templates are available for download, as well as resolution and scale guidelines.  Just submit your design, and if it wins the online poll the shirt goes into production and you receive a royalty check.

A simple submission format, clear menus, and easy navigation make exploring this colorful and responsive website worth the time if you are at all interested in contemporary tee shirts.  The site’s store also offers these one of a kind creations for purchase.



Full of dizzying animation and bursts of color, this Greek design agencies website is serviceable at best.  After entering the site, it takes a second to find the headings which are disguised as the company’s motto “work,” “with,” and “soul.”  Under “work” are examples of Tria’s past design projects.  Once a project is selected a brief description and some sample images are shown of logos, packaging, and advertisements.  Links to the clients’ websites are also included.   You can scroll through projects using the arrows in the upper right hand corner of the page.

The “with” heading leads to a very basic company description; comprised mostly of a manifesto judiciously featuring the motto “work with soul.”  The final heading “soul” simply leads to a series of cheesy images along with the company’s design philosophy superimposed on top.  Overall there seems to be a lot of non useful information in this non responsive website


Cinnamon Toast

Opening with a very cool repeating clip of the designers scurrying around their office, a feeling of light, space and overall optimism pervade Cinnamon Toast’s website.  Responsive and easy to navigate, the site offers brief yet clear information interspersed with pops of color.

Their portfolio section is arranged vertically, and by scrolling down detailed descriptions and images of past projects can be viewed.  At the bottom of each client’s page a paragraph or two is dedicated to the outcome of the campaign.  Unfortunately, there is no clickable menu of projects, so the only way to view the complete portfolio is to scroll down through each client’s details, and to then click the arrow to the next page.  Okay for browsing if you have time on your hands, not so great if you’re looking for a quick overview of what Cinnamon Toast has to offer.

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