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Writing content is not something you feel comfortable with? Then use a content writer!

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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So you decided to have your own website? You want to spread the word that you own the company everybody needs for buying a household appliance or the restaurant everybody should go if they pass through Spielplatz (where the hell is Spielplatz?). You already found a web design company or you decided to give it a try and create your site yourself. You have a couple of pictures ready to be used and you are more than excited to see your company logo online. But when it comes to content, I can see the emptiness in your eyes. You are not a good content writer. When you think about attractive words, nice vocabulary and perfect spelling, your breakdown inches closer and closer.

Great news, you don’t need to worry anymore! There are plenty of people that can do that for you, and they can do it very well.

We call them content writers.

First of all

Did you know that almost all web readers will only scan your content instead of actually reading it? If they like it they might spend more time on your website, if not, on to the next!

When I am looking for something on the internet it is like picking out a book at the library. I look at the shelves and think “oh My God, there are too many of them!” So I just scan the titles and look at the picture.  If one of them is gets my attention I would say that at least 60% of the job is done. Same for a web page, if I like the design, the colours and the writing, it is almost a done deal.

A content writer will do their best to keep your reader attention.

What is a content writer?

A content writer is a writer specialized in web content. They can write e-books, articles, blogs, sales copy and product descriptions.  Anything you want, really.

They know what to include or exclude from your text and they can put it all together in order to make your copy attractive.

Writing for the web is different from writing for a magazine. You have to be original to keep your readers’ attention.

Doesn’t it feel better knowing that there is someone in this world that can save you from writing?

What makes a good content writer?

First of all, a good content writer knows their English. Grammar is no mystery and they will be a master in spelling and punctuation.

Your content writer will research any information needed about your subject matter and will deliver content that makes your website look professional.

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How much will it cost?

Freelancers and web companies will offer a range of prices. Honestly, I spent at least 45 minutes looking for prices on Google and it gave me a headache. You will find prices ranging from around 2.000 THB for one page / 250 words for a freelancer that looks professional to 4500 THB and more for a dedicated firm.

I also discovered a website called fiverr.com that has plenty of content writers willing to work for 5$. Come on 5$?! I feel bad for the writer.

The price will depend on your budget, of course, and what you’re are looking for.  For five bucks, you should be realistic with your expectations.

good content writer

So where can I find a good content writer?

You can check with your web agency, they might have their own content writer or know of one that they can recommend. Talk with people that own a website, they might have a connection too.

The websites fiverr.com and odesk.com offer plenty of advertisements from freelancers that would be happy to do the job.

If you use social media, think Linkedin, Google+ or even Twitter and Facebook and just search for content writers, you will find a bunch.

You can also check university websites and look for students with a high level of education in English looking for extra money.

Look for someone that has experience in writing and be sure to ask for a sample.

If I were looking for a good content writer in Bangkok, the first thing I would do is I google it.  With 6,640,000 results, I’m not too worried about being able to find one that meets my needs.

Once I have done that I would sort out the result and find the one I like the most.

Here are three websites that got my attention for copywriters in Bangkok:

  • bangkokbcwriting.com:: The website looks very professional and they can do a lot of things for you, not only content writing.

good content writer

  • plumeasia.com: Honestly, I fell in love with this website. Remember what I told you about judging a book by its cover? That is what happened with this website. One look and I already want them to help me!

good content writer

I sent an email to each of the companies above on a Monday evening saying that I wanted to start a blog about traveling (Why not? I like to travel!) I wanted to know if they could help me with the content.

The next morning I had my first answer from bangkokbcwriting.com  They told me what they could do for me and what their rates are. Very efficient!

I am still waiting for the others to answer. I used to work for a company where my main goal was to provide answers by email to as many customers as I could every day, so not getting a response until after 48h later made me start to freak out and think that they are not well organized!

Anyways, regarding your content and depending on how many words you want, you can expect to have your copy between 24h to 2 weeks depending to the writer you chose. (aka: how much you are willing to pay)

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