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4 Winning Methods With Google's Panda System

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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The travails of many web site owners with genuine and serious content hoping to get their messages across is the concept behind newly introduced ‘panda’ it aims to change the way pages are ranked and return searches on Google.
Google Panda Update

It’s all about creating Web Standards

The travails of many web site owners with genuine and serious content hoping to get their messages across is the concept behind newly introduced ‘panda’ it aims to change the way pages are ranked and return searches on Google.

Why Panda?

Why Google Panda

For clearer understanding of the mission and vision of Panda it is necessarily important to explain the current system of how searches works on Google and hopefully you would be able to grasp why we stumble on too many irrelevant pages during our searches regardless of the keyword.

How Google currently work (Pre Panda)?


Since the Internet became a boom and especially with the advancement and development of Content Management System (CMS) it thus became a reality that it is no longer necessary to understand the basic and simplest code before we hit ‘publish’ – This led to too many scrappy blog-post and website with less than two pages of advertising, or giving one tutorial or the other. While am less concerned about what people produce on their websites I am more concerned about how this sites are able to rank higher, and turn out on every search entry we make on Google regardless of its relevance to our keywords.

We are quick to ask why and how this scrappy site takes precedence – The answer is Internet marketing also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although very few websites have come higher on ranking based on their content relevance too many have used a system Google labeled “gaming” the search algorithm. Simply stated, A SEO trick is a system where Internet Marketers helps their client (website and blog owners) come up on every search entry through: Automated posting, Automated content, Inappropriate Keyword ranking and density, social media links and much more.


Why do these SEO tricks work?

This tricks works because the current system of Google ranks pages based on quantity i.e. number of posts, and keywords. Google, haven seen that too many crappy content site turns up on every search entry and visitors does not spending a minute after realizing what page it is have now decided to shift its system from quantity to quality.


It makes it pretty difficult for real human searches to find quality information without stumbling on adverts, lottery pages, money making books to mention a few.

Post Panda system

Google upon realizing that so many pages that rank higher do not qualify for it content wise and on the other hand quality content website are hardly to come on the first page of searches thus this panda system was introduced – moving from quantity to quality.

Winning with Google Panda

Winning Panda

Four strategies have been mapped out to achieve this:

1. Length of Visit:

Since it takes common sense to know that when an individual searched and found a relevant page they are more likely to stay on the page for some time looking for information; therefore such sites where visitors spends more time are considered relevant pages and would be rated on Google. Good news for real site owners like us isn’t it?

2. Bounce Rate:

Here we refer to the landing page that brings a visitor to a website – Google would now assume that pages that lands visitor to websites too often than usual would be considered as a computer algorithm and would not be rated.

3. Returning sites:

Another great way to knowing which sites are ranking top on search engines according to real human activities is the returning number of visitors. Since it’s natural that only relevant pages

with quality information will have returning visitor – thus, Google adopts it.

4. Social Media:

Since the aim of panda is to help Google choose and rate sites based on real human activities, thus a website with facebook fan-page, twitter, and even YouTube video with plenty of interaction referring people to their sites is a proof of real website because websites offering free downloads or 20 ways to make money would certainly not have social media pages.

Google Panda Conclusion

its about people not SEO

After all that is what web standard is all about; providing a basic foundation that everyone can build upon and in return led to experience that is accessible to everyone. At least the power to create something that is universally accessible has been the strength of the internet and we have to preserve it in any means – This is what Panda strives to achieve.

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