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How To Get People To Sign Up To A Newsletter

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Ok, so you finally have a newsletter for your business. You’re excited and put a lot of time and effort into this. So, the question now is, how on earth are you going to get people to subscribe to it and grow your mailing list?

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How to Increase your newsletter subscriptions?

Ok, so you finally have a newsletter for your business. You’re excited and put a lot of time and effort into this. So, the question now is, how on earth are you going to get people to subscribe to it and grow your mailing list?

Marketing is without a doubt an important aspect of getting customers to come to your website. This may in fact be one of the driving forces of whether or not you business will in fact be successful. So, once you have this step figured out the next goal is to keep your clients coming back.

Grow Your Mailing List – Friendly comes first

First and foremost, your website should be easy to navigate, user friendly and your service should be one in demand. Once your website begins to generate sales and your traffic has increased, you may want to start a newsletter.

Newsletters can be an email type newsletter that contain product updates, newsworthy topics pertaining to your product and possibly updates on upcoming sales and promotions. For a perfect idea of a email newsletter check this link www.webcoursesbangkok.com/thanks. As you can see it is an easy point to ask someone to sign up for our newsletter as they have already enquired about one of our courses. We also clearly state that there is a benefit to signing up. Don’t expect people to sign up just because you want them to. So here are few tips to get your newsletter off to a great start!

Grow Your Mailing List – Promote via social sites!

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Using social media has helped thousands of businesses get their products and offers in front of potential customers. While social networks are a great way of promoting your website newsletter, don’t over do it! Nobody likes spam. Weekly updates are perfect for generating newsletter interest. Social sites like Linked In, Facebook, etc are perfect for generating subscriptions! For an email newsletter template example be sure to check this: THEMEFOREST NEWSLETTERS

Grow Your Mailing List – Ask site users to subscribe!

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If you are running an e-commerce website then buyers of your products are great potential return customers. If they don’t remember you they won’t come back. So, by offering a free newsletter via email will help your potential customers to remember you and are encourage to comeback! Offer the newsletter in a side bar or at the bottom of the page but be sure to highlight the reason for them to sign up.

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Grow Your Mailing List – Consider offering a free gift to newsletter subscribers.

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Gifts can be as simple as a discount on products or even a free keychain. You get the picture! Offering a free gift is a great way of saying thanks for the purchase or for signing up for an email newsletter. Use your imagination, be creative as something memorable is key! Gifts are a perfect way of telling your customers you care about them and view them as people and not just a means to the end.

Something that works for us is when trainees want to know the dates of future courses or special offers. We put in dates of up and coming courses along side some fresh tips and tricks. A good example of a newsletter that helps web designers is the Smashing magazine bi-weekly newsletter that is packed with their top articles in one easy to find place.

Grow Your Mailing List – Two heads are better than one

grow your mailing list

Brainstorm with friends or coworkers on how to generate more traffic for your newsletter. You may want to get ideas from other companies by checking their websites and seeing what they do to generate signups to their newsletters and make sales.

For example an idea might be to put an automatic newsletter signup when users contact you via a booking or contact form. A simple checkbox asks if they do or do not wish to be added but as they are adding their email anyway it is no trouble for them to be added to a newsletter list with benefits.

Grow Your Mailing List – Never give up promoting your products and newsletters.

Most of all believe in yourself, your business and your customers. Your customers, while being a valuable asset to your business are people too. Treat each one as an individual and they will be your client for life!

Include their name at the top of the email is one easy way of personalising your newsletter. You can take their name as they sign up and then add the [NAME] field into your newsletter system. This is super easy nowadays so look out for it when you are setting up your newsletter. Another idea is to segment. When the user signs up ask him/her to select a type of information they are interested in. E.g. Which of these courses are you interested in: Web, Graphic or Photography. Then that allows our booking team to send regular emails to those only interested in Web Design and not bombard the whole group with stuff they are not interested in. Remember unsubscribe is but a click away and you loose a potential customer.

Grow Your Mailing List – Release the chimp

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A great way to increase your newsletter subscribers is to install the mailchimp plugin for wordpress. It gives you highly customizable forms using the widget in your footer or sidebar. If your an existing user of BuddyPress, WordPress MultiSite, bbPress and Contact Form 7 it integrates with them perfectly.

  • Easily create a highly customizable sign-up form
  • Show a sign-up form in your posts or pages using a simple shortcode [mc4wp_form]
  • Show a sign-up form in your sidebar or footer using the dedicated form widget.
  • Add a “sign-up to our newsletter” checkbox to your comment form or any other form you like.
  • Built-in integration with BuddyPress, WordPress MultiSite, bbPress and Contact Form 7 forms.
  • Configuring this plugin is easy, all you need is your MailChimp API key.


grow your mailing list

Additionally if your looking for a less annoying yet effective alternative to pop ups but still want a way draw a users attention to a signing up to a newsletter installing Scroll Trigger gives an excellent solution. You can also set this up to trigger boxes for posts, encouraging users to share pretty much whatever if you want it to do You have full customization for styling create trigger boxes that compliment your site design.

  • Create an unlimited amount of boxes
  • Control where and when a box should show-up
  • Designing your boxes is simple yet effective.
  • Use anything as the box content. Text, images, forms, shortcodes, you decide!
  • Set the number of days for which a box should stay hidden for users who closed it
  • Set the animation to use when a box is triggered

In conclusion

These are just a few ideas to get your business email newsletter off to a running start. You may have other ideas as well! A newsletter should be an extension of your business as well as a way of communicating product updates, business news and specials you may be promoting. They are also a great way to get your customers to get to know who you are. You may want to put your bio on the front page of the newsletter containing personal interest, accomplishments and your reason for driving to succeed.

Email newsletters should be offered free and designed to keep customers informed of your company news and products. They should also contain product overviews and possibly something within that engages customers. A puzzle or trivia game is a great way of building customer interest in your newsletter as well. So, get to it!

Your new company newsletter can help you build sales, generate a customer base and get your business moving in the right direction! Check out this email newsletter template in brochure format! Easy, to the point and visually appealing!

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