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Growing an Audience Base: Essential Tips For Digital Marketers

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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For budding digital marketers, your first project will always make you a little nervous. After all, you have been hired to use your skills to help a client find more customers and create an audience base. You might have studied the concept of marketing, but everything still feels vague and untested by fire. 

 It’s completely natural to feel this way, and in many cases, you would be right. Digital marketing isn’t a straightforward job. Data shows that 61% of marketers feel like lead generation is their biggest challenge. 

 How do you deal with this? Interestingly, you will rarely see expert marketers doing things by the book. Thus, it’s worth reading up on and then putting into action certain high-reward strategies. In this article, let’s take a look at three of them.

1. Understand the Power of Outreach

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According to Indeed.com, outreach marketing is the process of building relationships with influential people and brands to boost a company’s brand awareness. It seems like a simple enough concept, but a lot of marketers, even people with years of experience in the field, often go about it the wrong way.

 Spamming people, pitching your products to them, and marketing to your current audience isn’t the way to go for effective outreach. Outreach can seem similar to networking, but it’s deeper than that. 

 Effective outreach involves building a mutually beneficial relationship that isn’t just about getting your client’s company more customers. What does this look like? 

 It could be taking the time to send a personal email that checks up on them. You are trying to listen deeply to what they say and see how you can help them. You might think that you’ve already done this. However, if the “help” you offered was a ‘free’ PDF that asked for their email address, it becomes very obvious that your intentions aren’t genuine.

First, build up the relationship. 

Influential people are going to be far more receptive to you if you aren’t trying to spam them with marketing like everyone else.

2. Work Within the Meta of the Platform

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As a digital marketer, you already understand that each platform has its own meta. Trying to engage and build an audience with tactics that don’t fit the meta is often a waste of time. On YouTube, for instance, there’s a lot of attention that you need to spend on the thumbnails and content. 

On Instagram and TikTok, the focus moves more toward relatability and quickly forming a connection with people. 

Take some time to research strategies for building rapport on each platform. If your client isn’t that big, they are probably relying extensively on social media. If that’s the case, ensure you have them build a dedicated website. They might tell you that they don’t have the budget for it, but websites have become incredibly affordable these days. 

You even have AI-assisted options like Hocoos that do all the work for you. Answer a few questions about what kind of website you want, and that’s it. 

For any brand that’s serious about growing its audience base, it really needs to have its own website. Social media works fine for a while, but when you want to start leveraging that audience into a customer base, a website becomes indispensable. 

3. Work Closer With Your Content Creators

A common thing that digital marketers often overlook is the role that content plays in growing an audience base. Attention and interest represent gold for any marketer, and in many situations, mere marketing will not speak to customers. No matter how well-planned and crafted your marketing is, it won’t break through.

However, good content has the power to draw in people without any extra effort. If you haven’t already, sit down with content creators, either from your own team or independent ones. Ask questions and listen carefully. 

Every brand and business falls into some type of niche. Each niche tends to have its own audience base, and these people show preferences for certain content characteristics. For instance, let’s look at the role of language style. An audience base in software development may prefer language that favors simplicity and conciseness. 

Similarly, everything from the length of content to the style and purpose, whether they be tips, long-form articles, or even memes, matters. When you speak to content creators, you learn about these aspects and can better understand how to market to people. 

In conclusion, building an audience can seem intimidating at first. One reason for this is that young marketers believe everything needs to happen instantly. “I did X technique. Why am I not seeing results immediately?” 

The best marketers understand that a good audience base is earned over time. Yes, you can sow the seeds early but have patience. It will pay off when you focus on planting in the right soil. 

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