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How to make a cute Christmas Card with Illustrator

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Laura from Webcoursesbangkok this week wants to give you a hand to create a nice Christmas card with Illustrator, to send to all your friends!

You meant to personalize your Christmas card in a fancy way? In this tutorial I will teach you how to create a nice Christmas card using Illustrator

Have a look on what I’m going to make

Here I explain how

1. Open Illustrator and create a new document 800px width and 400px height

2. Create a gradient radial layer choosing two different green colours from the gradient window

2. Then select the Line Segment Tool from the Tools Panel and choose a Pattern Arrow from the Pattern Brushes Library toolbox and create different lines that descend from the top.

3. Once you’ve done the lines, create some circles at the ends using the same brush. Play with the circles, make them different from each other in size and thickness.

4. Now open a new document 200px width and 200px height and create a star using the Star Tool from the shape tool panel with the following options: Radius1 – 40px, Radius2 – 20px, Points 6.

Than, create 3 lines with the Line segment Tool, as shown, through the entire star. With the same tool draw other small lines at the bottom.

Here we are! Our beautiful snowflake is done. Now copy and paste it in our main file.

5. Put a star inside each circle. Here again play with different sizes and thickness. Rotate the snowflakes if you want. Just select it, press Command+T and rotate. Next step, fill stars and circles with different colours.

6. Select the Type Tool from the tools panel and type the text “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” using the font you prefer. While doing that, select two different colours: one for the fill and one for the stroke.

7. Draw some stars in the upper part of the card, and fill them with different colours.

8. Add a rectangle using the Rounded Rectangle Tool and keep the same colour as the text.

Well done! Now you can send a Christmas card to anyone you want. You just have to customize the text in the orange box. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM WEBCOURSESBANGKOK!

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