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Quick A to E of Making Money from a Blog

Author: WC.Bear
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So Carl, our web design instructor, was recently asked how to monetize a blog. He took the time to give our trainee a real good answer which we want to share with you.

how to monetize a blog

How To Monetize a Blog

1. start by having a niche you like writing or researching about and add value. This can be answering questions that your target audience will ask.

2. build a loyal audience who likes to engage i.e give them reasons to engage by asking them about the content your writing, guest posting, interviews, commenting, sharing etc.

3. Then you can start to moneytize in one or all of the following ways:

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A. Adsense 

within the content or top right side bar. Keep the banners very very targeted to your audience. Then there is Amazon, here you can find relevant books, ebook and even gadgets that you sell through your site. You won’t make much but it is all accumulating.


B. BuySellAds.com

how to monetize a blogYou will need close to 100,000 + impressions before this becomes viable. But they will sell and manage your banner ads.

C: Content for sale

how to monetize a bloge.g. extra videos, ebooks or even courses. I recommend using your posts as a way of building content. If you are to release an ebook just put all your posts on a recent subject into one nicely designed packaged ebook with plenty of examples, advise and take away.

how to monetize a blog

D: Direct sales via newsletter.

But you gotta get them to sign up first. To do this hook them in at the bottom of posts that promise regular updates, unique content to subscribers and special deals. Something I like is when newsletters pull lots of information from around the web and condense it into a useful load of links that I otherwise would have gone hunting for.

E: Experiment with landing pages that help sell affiliate products.

These should be relevant to your audience and come with some sort of special deal because they are within your community. This can also include affiliate sales of other service providers like Web Courses Bangkok for example; people you have a strong business connection with and believe in their product. Check out this article for the example of great landing pages design that would help your sell.

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