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How You Get People to Sign up to Your Newsletter

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
how to get people to sign up to newsletter
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In this post Ben talks about how Copyblogger have got the newsletter sign up page 100% correct! if you follow their example it will not only help build your database, but It will also help to qualify them so you know your going to keep them!

I recently sweated over the latest email newsletter for WCB and I have been thinking, how can I get more people to subscribe to our emails as well as, how can I tell people what is going to be found in the mail?

You know what it was……agony….. and to date no worthy ideas…. however, I did come across one of the best sign up forms that I think I have ever had the privilege of seeing, its from the copy blogger website

It has inspired me to write this and, yes we are in the process of changing our processes to match this..

Do some research on how others are doing it right and read posts like this one!

Firstly the call to action.

Know your audience and have an appealing statement that the customer can relate to.

Then, the bit I really like,

Appeal to the people who are wanting to know more about online marketing but don’t want to receive the dross from the hoards of ‘gurus’ who claim to be experts but all they do is regurgitate information that they have read on someone’s blog and claim it as their own.

You will find in the top left corner of their site (which goes against the Guttenberg principle) a button with the call to action, Sign up for the newsletter!
The copy there appeals to some one like me, who thinks that

    • 1) I’m a smart person


    • 2) I’m interested in internet marketing and


    3) I am a cheap bugger who doesn’t like paying for anything!


Don’t be like the rest of them, do something different

This signup form gives me some really useful information, which is explained in their four pillars of marketing. They have shown me that their newsletter will have decisive, interesting and useful information, that isn’t just a sell of their services, its going to be real ideas that I can use.

Give something away for receiving your newsletter

copyblogger.com have a little advantage here as they are selling knowledge and it’s a little easier and cheaper to give away information than to give away your widgets, but if you can do it, I highly recommend that you do..

Step people through the process

‘What to do next,’
Simple and clear, fill out the form and you will receive the newsletter. It’s another clarification that it’s not going to be going to my spam box, they have a confirmation email that you have to reply to, to receive it.

This is fairly common but I just really like they way that they state that they only want you to receive this newsletter if you really want it.

Get your customers to invest in the process

By getting your customers to invest your time in the process…
Going to their Inbox, then following the link to confirm the process. You are repeating the conformation to your customer that they really want and value what you have to say. You shouldn’t undervalue this as a way to build retention in your recipients. Don’t make it to convoluted though, it might turn them off before they receive the first one!

To read this most excellent page go to ‘copyblogger newsletter signup’
Have you seen any other examples of great calls to actions?

P.S. Don’t judge me by my photoshop skills I’m only just starting to take our classes….ok…

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