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Inspiration Friday, Week 2

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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The second installment of our weekly Inspiration Friday!

Inspiration Friday – Week 2


The second installment of our weekly Inspiration Friday! Every week the team at WCB assembles to share some points of inspiration and interest they have come across during the week. Here is what we came up with last Friday.

Ryan’s Picks

robby leonardi

My inspiration this week was the portfolio of a young designer based in new york named Robby Leonardi who has created an amazing online portfolio.

The portfolio is based on a video game where the main character moves through the levels which simultaneously display his qualifications and accolades.

This website is inspiring because it is a perfect example of creative, out-of-the-box web design which really makes an impact on the user. This incorporates new design and development way of thinking and this is a big part of what makes intelligent design.

I find this type of thinking inspiring.

Carl’s Picks

kern me

When you are as useless at typography as me (Carl) you need some help learning how fonts work and what is a good and bad font. I found this game through an old teacher of ours who simply loved it. He being a typophile did great and often scored a 100%.

How it can be used, well that is easy for someone like me who needs to know if a font is a good choice or not by looking at the quality of the kerning.

Singh’s Picks

google now

Google now brings the near by information to your browser, it availble on iOS, Android and Web Browser. Its integrated to your mobile.

aesop story engine

This is a WordPress plugin, you can turn your theme into a stroytelling type of website. You can add Vidoes, Parallax etc. This can be used with any WordPress Theme.

wire magic

This allows you to build wireframe within Illustrator, you do not need an external wireframe program. This have got more then 140 styles and its still growing

Mallika’s Picks

milk co

(if you scroll down then you can launch the project which takes you to the site for the interactive video.)

This inspiration is an interactive video that uses webGL to create the 3d animals. The technology behind is open source so the entire code is accessible along with some more examples of how the animals morph.

I found this inspiration when I was looking for interactive project during my uni years. The creator has some other really amazing projects.

sky fonts

This app (Skyfonts) is very useful to quickly grab all the fonts google has to offer. It saves a lot of time.
I found this by accident a while ago. Ive been using it for a month now

Andrew’s Picks

five second test

This website is a useful tool when you are developing websites- landing pages in particular. It allows you to upload an image of your page and pose a series of simple questions to users. What is this site about? Is it trustworthy? etc. Users will have 5 seconds to quickly evaluate the page you’ve uploaded.

This live feedback can be very useful when you are trying to design pages and decide which features to include, and which to leave out. You can also review the pages of others, which can be pretty interesting.

Abhi’s Picks


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is an API that supports browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without plugins.

Here is a demo of WebRTC in action. Just create a chat room and send that link to a friend and you are ready.

Matias’s Picks

electric sheep

This is a collaborative art project that attempts to recreate what computer dreams are made of by a continuous stream of evolving fractal animations, these animations are known as “sheep” (logically, the dynamic combination of all these sheep is known as the flock)

Once you intall the app on your computer and once the the device goes into “sleep mode”, the sheep will come to life as the screen saver.

People can vote their favourite sheep by pressing the arrows on your keyboard, the more popular ones will go on and evolve (their algorithms will mix) into new, more complex animations.

People can even choose to create their new sheep, thus adding your own creation to the flock.

How is it useful?

It allows us to explore the the boundaries of what is possible, as human beings we are naturally social, I think is a great thing to find ways of creating beautiful things together… and it is all the more promising when people are just collaborating for the sake of creating something unique.

Kinda of inspirational don’t you think?

Next Week…

Check in next week to see our latest inspirational finds. If you missed it, here are last week’s picks. Also, check out our courses and put your inspiration to work.

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