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Inspiration Friday, Week 3

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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By the time Friday rolls around, we can all use a little brain stimulation by checking out some new and exciting developments in the web and design world. So once again, the team got together to share some of their latest sources of inspiration.

Inspiration Friday – Week 3


By the time Friday rolls around, we can all use a little brain stimulation by checking out some new and exciting developments in the web and design world. So once again, the team got together to share some of their latest sources of inspiration. It’s interesting to see the differences in what everyone is drawn to, and exciting to hear about a great tool or website you might have otherwise missed. Here’s what we came up with this time.

Ryan’s Picks


Ghostlab is a software that allows you to synchronise browser testing for web and mobile. This means that while testing an website before going live you are able to check the website simultaneously on different browsers and devices from the same computer. It allows you to use page scroll, form input, reload and clicks on all the devices in the virtual lab at the same time streamlining your workflow and saving loads of time. You can also inspect the code right from ghostlab, so you can weed out troublesome javascript or other code.

This is a really useful tool that I think should be used by all web developers.

Carl’s Picks

john mayer artwork

The Making of John Mayer’s ‘Born & Raised’ Artwork

Why it is inspiring is seeing a master at work. This is amazing and I love the care and attention to what he makes plus the designs themselves are absolutely stunning.

How it can be used is the actual typography and style can be used as inspiration for a similar project. The fonts, the designs, colours and shapes are all things that can be put into a new design.

Mallika’s Picks

child abuse poster

A child abuse poster that only allows children to see certain information.


I liked livejs website that Carl gave us because it makes it easier and quicker to update css

Abhi’s Picks

parallax js

My inspiration this week was on some cool jquery plugins. Here are my favourites.

Matias’s Picks


Choosing the proper color pallet for any design is one of the most important factors a designer will work on, it will determine everything from the feel of the site/design to the meaning we are trying to convey.

Sometimes it becomes rather boring to search through dozens of different pallets until we find one that we like. With this online website however, we can choose the number of colors we want, characteristic of the colors and once that’s done we can simply move around the screen with our mouse. Moving the arrow from left to right will change the hue, while moving up and down will determine the brightness o the colors.

This way we can intuitively select the combinations we like the most, by double clicking the screen we can then lock the pallet and download it as a PNG file for free.

This tool is really a great way to keep things interesting fro designers, its always nice to stumble upon a good combination by no other power than our imagination and curiosity.

Try it! It’s strangely rewarding to make something you can use.

magic lantern

If you are into photography and video recording, this is something you need.

This is a plug inn we can install in our Canon camera and turn it into a proper video camera. Magic lantern gives a huge repertoire of tools everything from better exposure controls, creative filters, focus control; it will also permit us to shoot in RAW. In case I did manage to catch your attention with that little description, you can see all benefits and tools magic Lantern provides here: www.magiclantern

It’s truly an amazing and very expansive tool, though it is not available for all Canon models, check out this list and see if your camera can be turned into a production powerhouse.

free music archive

Since we are still talking about cinematography and video production, I recently have found out how irremediably important it is to have access to high quality music tracks when editing. If you head to FreeMusicArchives you’ll be able to find a plethora of very useful songs, sounds, even recorded artists have given their music for free in this website.

Of course you might not be able to find last week’s top of the chart for free download here, but trust me, take your time to search around these truly immense archives and I promise you are bound to find more than a track you can use for your project.

Happy editing!! Hope it is useful people J

Next Week…

Check in next week to see our latest inspirational finds. If you missed last week’s inpiration, here you go…Inspiration Friday, Week 2. Also, check out our web, graphic, and marketing courses at WCB and put your inspiration to work.

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