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Some incredibly useful inspiration websites for designers and developers

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
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Mr. Smith wants lots of cat pictures?  Will do, sir. Miss Groovy would love to have a pink website? Sure thing, madam, let’s build it! Now you are in pain trying to deal with your clients’ expectations and the business reality. In case you need help to find inspiration websites, this article has plenty that can assist you with pictures, design and colors, so read on!

Inspiration Websites – Are you looking for pictures?

There are loads of websites that will provide you free images that can be used for commercial purposes, but, just in case, always double check that the pictures are for free-free or if you have to reference the pictures’ source.

Here are some of my favorite’s websites:

When I am looking for beautiful high resolution images I always to go these websites and  browse from one picture to another until I  find one that I like.

  • unsplash.com: They have stunning pictures and they upload new ones frequently, however, it is a pity that there is no search function.


  • cupcake.nilssonlee.s: They have a bunch of nature related pictures, so you’re sure to find something you like!


  • splitshire.com: Thy have high quality pictures and most are abstract and portrait images. They even have a search button by categories.


  • gratisography.com: If you are looking for something funny or a little bit off the wall, you should find what you are looking for here. I took the header picture for this article from this website.

  • labs.tineye.com/multicol: This website is also interesting because you can pick up to 5 colors and it will provide you pictures according to your choice. The pictures are sourced from Flickr’s website.

All you have to do is upload the image of your choice and Google will find similar images! I love that!google image search




Inspiration Websites – Are you looking for color inspiration?

  • You will love color.hailpixel.com! All you have to do is play around with your mouse and find color(s) that speak to you. Then use the generated hex code when building your website or using Photoshop, for example.

  • color.adobe.com I just learned that when choosing an outfit, 3 is the maximum number of colors you should use before it becomes too much.  If you are also not great with matching colors, this website will help you find a scheme to follow. You can just click on explore or search a scheme with a specific color you already have in mind.

Inspiration Websites – Are you looking for design inspiration?

  • freepik.com  website helps you to find thousands of free graphic resources such as free vector art, illustrations, icons, PSD and photos. You have to register and then you can download anything you need. The resources are free but you must give credit to the creator.

  • dribbble.com and behance.net will help you find design inspiration as it is a place where web designers share their latest creations. Unlike Freepik, you can find plenty of designs but you cannot use them. This website will give you an idea about what is trending, so you can find a vibe you wish to emulate.

  • niice.co is also a nice design search engine. Just type what you are looking for and let your eyes and imagination do the rest. You cannot download the images but it is a great source of inspiration.


  • awwwards.com and cssdesignawards.com these websites are full of web designers’ and web developers’ work. Not only you will find plenty of ideas, but you can also vote for your favoriteswebsites and help the creators win the daily, monthly or annual awards.


In Conclusion

Try to look at these inspiration websites as sources, but don’t copy, instead, come up with your own unique works of art!   Sometimes it will be only the background of a picture that you will love, or a particular color or font that was used.

Don’t get lazy and use your imagination.  A stock image may be fun, but with your added text and design, it can become powerful and  perfect for your blog post or website.

I hope that you are now ready to get creative so have fun!


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