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How Young Entrepreneurs Are Using Instagram In Thailand.

Author: Carl Heaton
He is our senior instructor and originally from Manchester UK. Carl teaches our Web Design and Online Marketing Courses.
instagram in thailand
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With Instagram, anyone can build their business empire, you don’t need an amount of money to develop on store shelves, or have to provide a successful service for a customer, it is the place connecting everyone together and a popular option that anyone can make money from it. I’ve rounded up on the app and was amazed by the number of young Thai entrepreneurs, and here are some of the young multi-talented who have started their businesses on Instagram in Thailand.

Instagram in Thailand – ITTI-BITTI

Jewelry and accessories.

Fresh out of university, Pat is looking to grow her  business and learn along the way. While she might be a young entrepreneur, she’s certainly got some big dreams. And here’s some Instagram tips I learned from her.

Feature Customers Using The Products

This is could be one of the easiest ways to encourage brand engagement. Take a look at the example of Itti Bitti, who turned to Instagram to find images of real people using their ‘real’ jewelry!

screenshot-www.instagram.com 2016-07-06 16-59-46

Use Unique Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to get the posts noticed, most brands are likely to use popular hashtags for their industry so their brand will come up often in people’s searches. However, Ittibitti consistently uses their brand hashtags to encourage users to adopt them in their posts, and it’s given them great result! Their fans submitted more than hundreds of photos via Instagram using the #ittibittijewelry hashtag.



Edit Photos Similarly

Ittibitti has a golden Instagram aesthetic and edits their photos to give them a cool tone. They post a variety of subjects, regarding the review from customers, like hand holding ice cream, mealtime, trips,  and their jewelry that are for sale. It is because they use a similar editing process, not only do the individual photos look great, but their feed as a whole tells a larger story.


Here’s an advice from the brand owner, Pat;

“In order to control your feed flow naturally, you should have a consistent approach to editing your photos. It doesn’t mean you have to choose one filter only, but limiting yourself to a few will help you stick to your chosen aesthetic. So our advice is, don’t get stuck on which type of photos that get the most likes on Instagram. Apps like A Color Story are great for bright feeds, whereas VSCO Cam is great for moodier or golden feeds.”

TIP: There’re many apps that can help you enhance your Instagram photos, for example, check out the best photo apps that will help you raise your Instagram game.

Want to learn how to edit a photo like a professional? Join our Adobe Photoshop course and you’ll be thrilled with the results of how creative you are!

Instagram in Thailand – IMFITDRINK

A real functional drink and honest made.

Imfitdrink ‘s Instagram feed aim to give a healthy eating inspirations and motivational mantra that make this not just a healthy business account, but one with a healthy mindset too.

Provide Inspire and Useful Content

They post representative photos to promote healthy, exercises, yoga, wholesome food products, store events, sustainability and their active community of customers and employees.

instagram in thailand

Showcase Photos of Employees

Showing the photos of employees at work not only gives a behind-the-scenes view of the company, it’s also a way to celebrate staff and show them how much they’re valued. Here’s a great example from Imfitdrink, which shares pictures of their staff while they attended ‘Cooking with Super Food Workshop’.

instagram in thailand

Instagram in Thailand – VAVAVALA

A heart made phone case.

Vavavala  received a lot of attention through their account, with 24k people following.

Share Their Lifestyle

Vavavala has a great colour scheme and focuses on lifestyle branding to show how their products are used in the real world, or maybe with a cool review from their fans, plus, people also get a chance to see what’s behind the scenes.

instagram in thailand

Take Their Fans Behind The Scene

By showing followers behind the scenes looks at their company, it can actually increase fans’ intimacy with the brand immensely.

Aoom, the owner of the brand says,

“I’m trying to not just selling my products, but showing the story around. I usually share photos that capture what I see, feel, or even think in the moment and provides followers a glimpse into my everyday life and the inspiration behind my brand”

instagram in thailand

instagram in Thailand – Kaferhouse

Healthy Bakery Factory.

instagram in thailand

Pann is a young a fresh graduate girl from the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University. For all of her life, she  has enjoyed the process of cooking and baking, it’s actually her family business which is a part of her everyday life. Let’s see what Instagram strategies we can learn from Kaferhouse.

Don’t Over Post

In social media, timing is everything, it is one of the most important tools that helps you engage with people and gain more followers.

As I asked her about what’s the best time to post on Instagram, she says

“It depends on the target customer actually, at the beginning I have to find when my audience engages the most, in general, my target is an office worker, so I basically post during down time when they have the freedom to check social media and pop onto Instagram. For example, during 7-8 am in the morning when they go to work, during lunch time, after work on 5-6 pm.”

Instagram in Thailand – STICKWITHME4EV

A super duper cute stuff for girls.

Stickwithme4ev has lots of cool products that feature in their Instagram feed, also lots of young and beautiful people using their products.

Identify Target Audience

Instead of posting normal images like other accounts, Stickwithme4Ev has done pretty well on their marketing strategy. They totally understand their target audience, which tends to be young people who value fun, fashion, technology, and sports.


Keep The Feed Fun

They know their target audience well enough, so the brand’s personality comes from that; it’s playful, energetic, and it is about sharing and having a good time. They excel at sharing photos that capture the sweet candy colour and lively energy of their brand in each photo, which absolutely invites people to buy their products.

Bell, the owner of this brand says,

“I think the things that help me attract followers is because I’m not trying to force myself to participate other Instagram page authentically, I can identify my target audience clearly and I think that  separate me from other brands when I creating content”.

TIP: Capture your brand’s emotion and voice in every photo that you share to encourage your community to take action and invest time in your brand story.  You can learn how to create your brand story by joining our online & social media workshop, or join our Facebook Page to see when our next workshop happens!

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