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20 Amazing Interactive Websites for your Inspiration [updated]

Author: WC.Bear
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In today’s technology, designers have been creatively adding interactive elements to websites in bizarre and unique ways, in this article, we will be showing 20 cool interactive websites that we’ve collected for just for you. So grab a comfy chair, sit back and let’s take a look at 20 cool interactive websites.

Wava:wava - interactive websites

Wava is an art blog that is dedicated to promoting the work of emerging visual creatives, the first design of the website that caught my attention was the navigation.

Exploring the website feels like you’re going to a library or looking through folders in a filing cabinet.

Even when you click on a profile of an artist it doesn’t take you to another page traditionally like other websites, instead, it shifts and the portfolio of the artist begins to fade in, giving a nice transitional effect.

The interactive side of the web design is subtle but at the same time enhances the professional appearance of the website itself with simple tweenings. An excellent method when it comes to arranging individual blogs, it’s neat and tidy look makes Wava stand out from other blog sites.


HireBasis is a remote job board with a job candidate database. What is unique about the database is that it is searchable using an interactive job candidate search chart. HireBasis uses a skills based hiring approach where people who register on the site can take skills tests and report their desired salary range, and then they become discoverable on the candidate search chart by potential employers who can use the chart by clicking individual quadrants representing the number of candidates represented by the respective quadrants and by setting a variety of variables such as skillset, country, and worker type (full-time, part-time, contractor/freelancer).

Polish Christmas Guide

polish christmas - interactive website

Learn the Polish tradition of Christmas with this interactive website where you control Santa Claus and collect gifts that represent the traditions.

The style of the website a child-friendly cartoon look to it, using simple shapes to create an appealing style.

The goal in the website is to control Santa by scrolling or using the arrow keys to explore and find presents to learn about how Poland celebrates the holiday, every time you collect an item it triggers an animation of the item jumping into your sleigh.

The animation of Santa himself is rather cartoony when he pulls and pushes the sleigh depending on which direction you take.

once you collect all the facts about the holiday it sends a message out to help spread awareness about children who never get to have Christmas with a helpline.

A fun website with a heartwarming cause to help the unfortunate during the holiday that is all about giving.

My grandmother’s lingo:

my grandmother's lingo - interactive website

This site teaches you words of Marra, an Australian Aboriginal language that is slowly being forgotten. By using your microphone, you learn how to speak phrases in marra in order to progress through the website.

As you learn more about marra you also learn about the story and motivation behind the website.

At the end of the website, you are taken to the map of Australia, giving you the option to share Mother’s Lingo to help keep the language alive.

This site holds a method of interaction that is not only engaging but uses it in such a way that helps support the cause. With the combination of interaction, animation and beautiful style it’s definitely worth checking out.


nurture digital - interactive website

Nurture is an agency that focuses on digital branding and marketing, their website shows off what a 22 man company can do.

The way you navigate through the website when you scroll up or down feels satisfying when you watch the animation build the next page before your very eyes, like a stage coming together.

The most appealing motion graphic animation on the website is from the front page, where the first thing you see is a complex looped animation.

Which represents each stage of the company’s workflow. A creative web design for a creative company.

30 pieces, 30 species:

species in pieces - interactive websites

30 pieces, 30 species builds awareness by building thirty endangered species with 30 pieces that can form each animal by scrolling or enabling the site to cycle through each animal.

You can then choose one of the 30 animals and find out more about its date of discovery, history of its population, a video about the animal and a link leading to another website that tries to help with the option of inviting you to join the cause.

If you’re a fan of graphic design and helping endangered animals this website is up your alley with its unique style and animation.

Amur Tiger Center

center amur tiger - interactive website

An autonomous non-commercial organization established for preserving the Amur tiger population, this website educates you with facts about the Amur tiger, what the condition the population is in and showing projects that the organization is doing to help preserve the Amur tigers as you scroll through and watch the content unfold itself.

One section of the website called About Amur Tiger is illustrated by beautiful animated paintings like a moving storybook.

For younger users, there is a mini-game page where you play hide and seek with a group of cartoon animals, a fun, and educative game to help children understand the Amur tiger.

Overall the website is set up well with a goal to protect magnificent animals.


mapstd - interactive websites

A tower defense game where you can choose where to defend anywhere in the world using Google maps, it plays like a traditional tower defense game where you place different colored pins to defend your base from incoming enemies and survive for as long as you can when the odds are slowly against you with each round.

You can change the layout of the map to the traditional Google maps layout, satellite or water colored, personally the watercolor layout looks the most fun to play on.

It’s a fun little time waster and with the whole world to play on you have many choices to play and defend.

Wake It Up:

wake it up - interactive websites

A funny website that starts out with a mini-game where the aim is to wake up your web browser by using files like loud music or throwing an image file of a slipper in its face before time runs out, the website was created to promote animation to help bring the website to life.

The animation for each file you interact with makes the experience rather fun when you see the web browser’s reaction and attempts to go back to sleep.

Definitely worth visiting the website and trying to wake up the browser.


noisli - interactive websites

This is a good website to use if you trouble to focus on work or trying to relax, simple style but super customizable.

The style isn’t the most complicated because the website itself isn’t supposed to be.

The symbols for each audio to choose from gives the idea of what the sound will be, and with its adjustable dials, you can create the right atmosphere for you to help focus your mind on work or even relaxing after work.

Inside Abbey Road:

inside abbey road - interactive websites

Using Google map’s street view feature, Inside Abbey Road lets you go through a virtual journey in, well, the famous Abbey Road Studios of course.

For those you can’t physically go visit you through every room and learn 86 years of history, by exploring through the studio you discover orchestras and musicians that have used the studio for recording. Giving you the freedom to freely look around all the rooms from each floor listening to the commentary and finding out interesting trivia.

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You feel as if you are there. Worth checking out if you’re interested in the Abbey Road Studio or if you’re interested in what London has to offer you should definitely check this website out.

Kolmården Zoo:

kolmårdens djurpark - interactive websites

Kolmården is a large forest that separates the Swedish provinces of Södermanland and Östergötland, their website introduces a 3D render of the view to show what they can offer for visitors.

Moving around different areas of the zoo lets you find out about all the animals they have in the preserve, as well as other attractions like roller coasters and a children’s play park.

It’s easy to navigate and a fun to look at with its Sims esque style with the combination of photos of the zoo.

Envato Elements:

envato elements - interactive websites

Now for something a little bit more on graphic design, this is Envato Elements.

A website that has a large collection of theme, photos, fonts and graphics to help the audience get their product/services out there.

The interaction of the website is based on the mouse’s movement and where it hovers.

At the top of the home page, the first thing you see are screenshots of business cards, websites and other advertisements with assets that were used from Envato Elements when you hover your mouse over one of them it pops out from the rest.

Another cool little interaction is down near the bottom of the page at the One Subscription Unlimited Downloads section, there is a small cluster of images in the background and when you move your mouse around them they also move base on the direction your mouse goes.

These are subtle but in a lot of cases, less or more, and these little details give this website stand out.

Big Drop:

big drop - interactive websites

Big Drop is a web design agency that focuses on making each design unique and personal for their clients. As you scroll down the homepage you get to watch images on the screen with squash and stretches.

Other little interactions are the thumbnails of the agency’s past work, when you move the mouse over the portfolio you can see the thumbnails shift round within its frame.

But what makes this website special is when you look at the top of the page and see a button that says request a quote, when you hover over the button it swings from side to side.

Like a set of blinders, you pull down on the button and reveals a contact form to request a quote.

This is quite a creative way to use animation and implement it into a web design.

Wind and Words:

wind and words - interactive websites

For those who are fans of the popular HBO’s Game of Thrones; Wind and Words is a website that records all dialogue interactions between the entire cast from the first 6 seasons, as well as recording how many words were used and what words were used the most in each season.

The design and interaction are intriguing, for example, each season has a ring of characters and with the ring are a web of interactions between each character.

As you hover over each line you see how many lines of dialogue was exchanged between one character to another, you can also look at the highs and lows of each character from each season.

If you’re interested in scripts and dialogue from a popular tv show, I would suggest giving this a look.

Unreal Mission:

unreal halloween - interactive websites

The Unreal Mission lets you play a space flight simulation and do different tasks similar to Bop It or Simon Says; follow a sequence of buttons to click in order to proceed to the next level, which then becomes progressively more difficult.

With the dialogue interactions between the hero and villain makes the website comical, the design and style remind me a lot of the science fiction movies from the 80s.

I won’t spoil the ending, I’ll let you find out yourself.

Black Negative:

black negative - interactive websites

Another web design agency that offers a unique experience in UX, by dragging the entire website left and right to see it’s content you see beautifully laid out pages, each with unique styles and interactions, showcasing past work.

Not a lot to say but it’s creative and pretty to look at and you should visit this site.


bharat yatra (un)trafficked - interactive websites

In order to spread awareness about human trafficking in India, Bharat Yatra created this interactive story where you make choices to save a character from trafficking and in this story it shows how you can’t always successfully save someone.

In a way, this sums up how cruel some parts of the world can be, which is why you should take a look at this site and share with your loved ones.


chekhov - interactive websites

“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.”

Once said by Anton Chekhov; a famous playwright and short story writer from Russia, this website commemorates the writer by offering a quiz to the user.

Once you finish the quiz the results will give you a character from one of Chekhov’s stories that best resembles you based on your answers, the website even offers the user an audition for its casting.

Combined with this and its colorful art style this website is worth exploring, for the quiz, getting to know the writer and his characters.

Were there any interactive websites that we’ve missed? Let us know, who knows, we might add it in our next article the future.

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