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An interview with Yui a new intern at WCB

Author: WC.Bear
Hello everybody, I am here at WCB to motivate our team and highlight each member skills! Welcome to WCB, I will be waiting for you to work and talk about our passion: Web Design !
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A little bit about me

Hello World! My name is Daungsuree Younaiwong but my friends call me Yui.  I am presently in my third semester studying for a Master’s degree in web engineering at Dhurakit Bundit University.  The course is given in Thai language. An internship in web design and development in Bangkok (the “WCB”) is both interesting and challenging for me…

internship in web design

 Internship in web design – Why have I come to study in the Web Engineering program?

internship in web design

I have found that writing programs and learning about web design is very challenging and interesting . I also feel excited about seeing how the data code can change and how it can work for people around the world. I can’t imagine how the world would look like if there was no internet in the next five years.

It may be also because of the destination. When I was a child my mother and my grandmother always told me about many magic things that effect humans, and most people in my village-especially the older generation – believed in ghosts, black magic and the power of magic from many gods that I have never seen before. I had no idea whether these were true stories or were just tales. I had no idea what magic might feel like until I came to learn how to write programs. For me the data code is a magical thing that can talk to the computers, which can order what people should do and shouldn’t. The data code has power to do many things if we understand the code well. So I would like to learn more and more about the Data codes as I would like to have a magic to change the world(LOL).

Why I want to join the internship in web design program (Web Course, Bangkok)


internship in web design

The program is a fascinating chance for me to work within a dynamic intellectually challenging team while at the same time developing and maintaining my English skills.  I look forward to interacting on a daily basis with those who will challenge me to be better and allow free expression of ideas without fear of reprisal.  The reputation of WCB indicates a tremendous chance for me to integrate with those of like mindset to develop into web developer for international sites.

An internship in web design and development in Bangkok (the “WCB”) is both interesting and challenging for me not just for its intellectual titular content but for the opportunity to learn in English. I look forward to having to speak and write in English everyday in this complex area, learning not only the language but simultaneously the critical web elements.  Thus, I welcome the opportunity to improve my English skills within this international arena.

Moreover, I am thrilled by the challenge to work and learn about web design and web programming with many creative people. I can picture myself as part of the team learning and implementing in the web engineering environment with WCB. In addition, I will have a chance to meet new people and share my ideas with the WCB team. I strongly believe that the team will be as keen as I am to work and develop websites in many different and creative ways. So I would very much love to learn with them in the internship in web design.

Where Do You See Yourself in Next Five Years?

internship in web design

I have been studying in the Web Engineering program since last year. However, I lack the time to practice writing in English because I spend most of my time learning how to code and study about web design and web development. I have had to learn everything in Thai language. Even after just one year I realize that I am losing my English skills. I am certain that the internship program will help me to improve those skills while challenging me with the underlying content. In the modern world most websites need content in English in order to communicate with world-wide customers. It is great opportunity for me to learn and study in this environment.  I also would love to prepare and develop my skill as a future web developer after I graduate with my Master’s degree next year.

internship in web design

Furthermore, the internship in web design programme at WCB will give me an opportunity to learn how to create a good quality website with clean code and good design. WCB helps clients develop and grow their creative ideas for their business. Most clients are happy with the resulting WCB product. I strongly believe that I will not only learn about how to create a creative website but also much more about digital marketing, social media and search engine optimization and the like.

 Internship in web design – A little bit more about me…

internship in web design

At present I study on weekends, and I spend time to do my own projects during the week days. This is not ideal since when I am stuck on my coding I have nobody to discuss the issue. I do not presently have a chance to meet new people knowledgable about the issues except my class friends. I am also shy to share my ideas. But after I started to do a dynamic website project this semester, it made me realize the importance of team work.  I want to be in an environment that fosters team work and the sharing of ideas.  I believe that will help my work and it will become easier and faster for my own work on an individual project. So this opportunity of an internship is a big chance for me to try and work with new people, share ideas and create my dream website in the future. These are some benefits that I think WCB gives me with the internship program.

Finally I am here at WCB.  It was Carl’s Birthday on 11 of  August and Big thanks to WCB team  that they gave me this great opportunity. I am very grateful.  In the next article I would like to share what I had been doing in the first two weeks at Webcoursebangkok. 🙂

Ps. If you would like to know more about me or have any recommendation to improve my article please do not hesitate to contact me. It will be a pleasure and make me very happy to answer you.

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