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Interview with the founder of Rabbit Internet – Johannes von Rohr

Author: Manuel Rozewski
Manuel is our intern from Germany. He is currently focusing on Digital Marketing and wants to continue working in that area.
rabbit internet johannes von rohr
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For those who do not know you; can you please introduce yourself?

Johannes is the founder of Rabbit Internet. He is responsible for implementing the company’s vision by investing into consumer internet business with a key focus on everyday urban lifestyle. Johannes has a decorated professional history and founded the Australian fashion retailer TheIconic.com.au (2011), Thailand’s Lazada.co.th (2012). He was also the financial aggregator at Askhanuman.co.th (2013). He previously worked with Boston Consulting Group in Europe and holds a Master’s degree from HHL Graduate School of Management in Germany.

Johannes von rohr ceo rabbit internet

Can you please tell us what Rabbit Internet actually is and when it was created?

Rabbit Internet was created in 2015 and is an investment company backed by Bangkok’s leading public service provider; BTS Group. Rabbit Internet’s key focus is on sustainable consumer internet business models for South East Asia. We specialise in product-centric organisations and understand how to support businesses to reach their full potential. We have a broad investment spectrum ranging from local entrepreneurs in the early stages of business to larger corporate outfits. Rabbit Internet created a unique platform to accelerate the process of building internet business throughout Thailand.rabbit internet website homepage

What difficulties did you face in your job?

There are many difficulties we face on a day-to-day basis. However, we view these as opportunities waiting for solutions and further development! Recruiting the right team members is a very important part of our job. We like to ensure we have the best possible people working to their strengths at all times. One way we achieve this is by having a thorough recruitment process with several stages along with a tough interview procedure. Once a candidate meets our requirements, we’re happy to welcome them onto the team.

What do you really like about your current job?

A fast-paced environment which is ever changing, making our daily job varied and utilising a number of different skill sets. Designing consumer products is fun and creative, more importantly, it brings real value to people’s lives.

How hard is it to stay up to date with the social media technologies?

Facebook has a prevalent foothold among Thailand’s social media users as well as utilizing the services of Instagram and Linkedin to stay fully up to date with new social media technology.

What has been your biggest achievement in Digital Marketing?

I don’t think that can be singled out. Success in digital marketing is the result of iterations, trial and error. It is a never ending process.

What skills are required in your position on a day-to-day basis?

Working in the marketing industry requires the application of a broad range of specialized and transferable skills. Most notably; creativity, organisational, problem solving, task implementation and execution, time keeping and a broad use of I.T. software on a varied number of mediums.

What do you find most enjoyable?

Helping my team develop within their roles particularly by assigning creative challenges that would normally be dealt with by senior management. For example: 2 Mio marketing budget per account manager per month.


Digital Marketing is always changing. What do you think will happen in the next five years or where do you see the biggest change coming soon?

The biggest change Rabbit Finance is expecting over the next 5 years is the expanding use of automated algorithm technology. Algorithms have already revolutionized the way data handling takes place and will continue to play an ever growing role across all online mediums. At the same time, the need for manual optimization will diminish making way for online marketing systems to become even more automated by ever evolving algorithms.

What education or skills would you recommend for someone who wants to advance in this field?

First and foremost, having experience in the field is a quintessential part of any marketeer’s career advancement. Also, a number of successful marketing managers have stringent analytical backgrounds such as data analysis using spreadsheets and engineers who regularly work on problem solving methodologies. Finally, a degree in maths, engineering or marketing specifically can all help you advance within this industry.

What do you think are the biggest mistakes that new Digital Marketeers always make?

Not gearing their marketing strategies from the consumer’s perspective. For example: selling a product’s features but not selling the benefits! Also not concentrating on ‘how their message will be received’. The message must be clear and appealing for the consumer so try to pitch with a clear target market in mind. It is also very important to engage with your target market as much as possible, this will ensure you will always stay on top of what the consumer wants and expects.

Can you please tell us your 5 tips for our students at Web Courses Bangkok who want to be successful in Digital Marketing

1. Be analytical; run daily, weekly, monthly reports and work off Excel.
2. Promote the benefits, not the features.
3. Always market from your customers perspective.
4. Be critical of your own work, is the message crystal clear?
5. Get to know your target market in every way possible.

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